Ho Ho Ho ~ Merry Xmas ~ Ho Ho Ho

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It's once again the time of the year where Santa Claus roam and enter chimneys distributing presents into stockings. What a wonderful time of the year. Everyone is in holiday mood and everywhere is fun and jolly.

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. May all your wishes be fulfiled and may the new year ahead be better for you.

Wish List

1) Sony Ericsson W950i (But only the export set is available in Singapore; No Warranty) [S$375]

2) PSP [S$290]

3) Peace, happiness, health, fortune, love [Priceless]

Merry Merry Xmas

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StumbledUpon 4 - Nintendo 20 years ago and now

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When the first nintendo console was released in 1987 people were all excited with classic games like mario & ice climber. Now, there's the wii which is once again another revolution. So what is the difference between 20 years ago and now?

Picture taken from http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/111407/twenty-years-of-jumping.gif

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Cats - Glowing cats anyone? Mouse that ain't scard of a cat? and more

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I found several pretty interesting video clips on the Internet today. South Korean scientist has cloned a cat that's able to glow under ultraviolet light. Wonder if the cat feels strange about it. Another it's cool to see a glowing cat, but i think it's pretty cruel to try modifying a cats DNA just to make it glow. Why would anyone wants a glowing cat?

Another interesting clip is about genetically modifying a mouse DNA to make it aggressive to cats. What in the world is happening? Why would you want to make a mouse that isn't afraid of cats and would not run away but instead fight a cat? Strange but if you can change the fear of a mouse, maybe the next time they will make a fearless human?

There are two more interesting video describing the amazing tales of cats being stick in the tree and jumping to safety from a tall height as well as a luxuries hotel for pets.

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StumbledUpon 3 - Fancy some growing tables?

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I have always thought that furnitures with funny shapes and sizes were all cut and pieced together by marvellous carpenters. However, from http://www.pooktre.com/ i realise that farmers can also create tables that are still growing in size. How does that sounds?

Amazing isn't it.

Other than a table, the site also shows some trees shaped like a stickman with the branches and leaves as its hair. Slowly from an infant stage, the trees are slowly shaped into the desired shape. It must have taken 10, 20 years to create one masterpiece.

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Another busy busy week at work

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This week is gonna be another very busy week for me as i got lots of things to do. I always believed that the busier you are the better it is as that means that you are needed. However, something else inside me is tell me, the less busy you are means the better you are at management.

Anyway, don't think any of the two statement is correct. Need to really reflect upon my actions real soon.

I need a plan!

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Yea Yea !! No more anonymous commenter

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I have always thought that blogger only allows comments from blogger user to be identified. However, as i was replying a comment just now, i realise that there's now an option for readers to comment by using a nickname. I wonder if it has always been there or is it newly added. Anyway, i am glad that my readers are able to comment without being anonymous any more.

I always liked to have a top commentor module like in wordpress blog but i can't find a hack for blogger. So hopefully, blogger will do more and allow a top commentor module.

Having a top commentor module will really encourage more comments from readers as that module will provide a free backlink to the commentors blog. Thus, the more you comment, the higher ranking you are, and the more people will go to your blog. In addition, you get free backlink from every page of the blog.

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Making your blog stand out in google

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Since the start of this blog and google start indexing my blog, there's always the problem of google having the same description of all my posts as shown in the picture on the right.

After enduring this for a few months, i came across a post by jackbook.com @ http://www.jackbook.com/2007/12/win-the-search-engine-wars-with-this-tricks.html i realise that a lot of people are also facing this problem and i modified my template according to the solutions provided. Thus, we shall see how my blog will look in google in a few days times.

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To Blog List - Update + New

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From the last "To Blog List" post, i manage to blog on "http://www.phostan.com/2007/11/how-to-getting-free-custom-email.html" as well as "Travel: Caution - Extremely addictive, cute Pandas in Chengdu"

So what's up for next week?

1. I think it's time i change the layout and template of my blog. I have already received several feedbacks that my blog is to cluttered with too many external scripts running and slowing down the loading of my blog. So, next week, i'll be looking out for nice template to be used.

2. The traffic rate of my blog is quite low with only about 10 visitors a day. I'll need to find ways to improve my traffic. This will in turn improve my alexa ranking as that depends on traffic.

3. Do the how to blog on how to get a domain name that i wanted to do in my previous "To Blog List" post but didn't manage to complete. I wanted the post to be complete and relevant instead of a pooly done post. Thus, i delayed the post till i have the time to post a good and complete post.

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The different perspective of different people.

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Saw an interesting picture over the internet. Pretty interesting and funny stuff looking at how different departments view the same requirement of the customer. Even more interesting is the fact that sometimes customers can't even describe what they want properly.

Have fun looking at the picture. hahaha .. :P

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Credit Card, Unsecured Loans, Secured Loans - What are they?

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The best way to get something you desire is to save for it. There's a nice word for it - Delayed Gratification. However, if you would like to have instant gratification, you would need to pay a price for it.

You can either get it through your credit card which has the highest interest rates or through unsecured loans or secured/homeowner loans which have slightly lower rates. However, do take note that you'll have to pay for your Loans on time, otherwise there will be high interest rates as well as overdue fees.

So what are the things worth taking a loan for? For me, i think taking a loan to get a house, a car, or a renovation is okay but not taking a loan for a holiday or massage chair. However, everyone has their own set of ideas and principles guarding what they think is right or wrong for a loan.

Ultimately, you'll have to make the most informed decision based on your own preference and choice.

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How To: Getting a free custom email ownname@owndomain.com

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Google has a very interesting apps which allows you to have your own customized email based on gmail. The number of email accounts you can have depends on the group size you tell google. Thus, the more people there are in your group, the more custom email addresses you can get. Other than customized email, you will also be able to share calender, documents, and webpages.

Check out my start page @ http://start.phostan.com and my mail login page @ http://mail.phostan.com

My custom email address is blog@phostan.com <- if you want a yourname@phostan.com do leave your comment here and I'll give you one for free. :D Now, let me teach you step by step how you get your own customized email. Step 1: Apply for a free account or a premier account @ https://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/admins/editions_spe.html

Step 2: Once you logged in, you'll have to setup your email by clicking on the "Email - beta" link

Step 3: Under email activation, click on the link "Instructions on how to activate Email"

Step4 : Once you have successfully setup your MX record for your domain host and create the first user, you'll just have to wait for the MX record to be updated and you'll have your custom email up and running.

In the meantime, do continue to explore your google apps account by any how clicking the links and by doing that, you'll learn how to better use google apps in no time.

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Finally accepted into payperpost.com

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After trying for 3 months, phostan.com has finally been approved in payperpost.com. It had been a very long wait as certain criteria on my blog didn't meet the requirement of payperpost. Thus, as it was finally approved, it is such a happy occasion.

Actually payperpost.com is a blog reviews site allowing bloggers to reserve opportunites by advertiser as well as offer advertisers the opportunity to advertise on your site. I have no idea how much extra bucks can be made on payperpost but i will try to keep improving my blog stats in order to qualify for better paying opportunities.

When i made the bucks, i'll use it to puchase books for self-improvement as well as improve my blog through maybe a customized template or a webhosting using wordpress instead of blogspot. However, i still like blogspot better and will continue to use blogspot.

Since the requirement of payperpost is strict, that means that only quality blogs are accepted and that would results in advertisers' confidence which would mean more opportunities for bloggers. Thus, i think it's very good to have such strict entry criteria.

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Travel: Caution - Extremely addictive, cute Pandas in Chengdu

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The panda are from the preservation centre and there are young panda who are very active as you can see from the video as well as older panda who just seat there and eat their bamboo. However, i find all of them very cute and i wish i could cuddle one of them. :D

The adult pandas eat a lot of bamboo shoots and they can just seat them and does nothing else except eating and eating and eating. Sometimes when the weather is bad, they will have to stay indoor in their air-con enclosure. The pandas are really enjoying a very good life over at the centre.

The preservation centre also have various red panda who looks more like racoon but are red in colour and eats bamboo shoots. :P they are very cute and here's one that's doing a performance blowing a pipe. Cute~ isn't it. :D It's really interesting looking at all the pretty cute pandas having their lunch. So it's very important that we care for all these wild animals and protect them from being captured by poachers.

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The biggest day in your life

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What is the biggest day in your life? I suppose you can say your biggest day could be your birthday since that's the day when your life begins and that's when you made your first loudest cry to tell the whole world that you have arrived.

However, to me and most others, wedding would be the biggest day of our life where we get together officially with the partner of your life. It has been a tradition to have wedding rings to symbolize the marriage.

There are many different type of engagement rings ranging from diamonds, sapphire, ruby, or emerald. What is chosen really depends on likes and budget. The most common one will be diamond engagement rings which represent toughness and eternal love due to diamonds being the hardest material on the planet and the rarity of diamonds in the wild.

Even if you buy a diamond ring, you'll have to chose the best cutting in order to see the brightest glitter under the dimmest light.

It's really a daunting task finding the best ring. However, it will definitely be worth it as it's the biggest day in your life.

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Reviews are the best way to know about a product/service

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Want to know what products really work on the net? At trustsource.org you can read reviews from people that have used the products you're interested in.

Previously, i posted about the need for cash advance once or twice in your life journey. So how do you determine which company to get the cash advance from? How do you know which company is the best?

The best way to find out is from other users of the service. There are so many Payday loans out there in the market that you'll need words from the horses mouth in order to know the truth. That's how trustsource.org works. By consolidating reviews from users, the site offers you a one-stop shop to know which payday loan is the one for you.

These cash advances works by lending you some amount of money based on your credit limits and background. The interest paid will depends on how well the company thinks you can pay up. The higher you credit ratings, the lower interests you'll have to pay. This is all the natural works of the economics where in the open market, higher risks brings about higher return, so in absorbing the higher risk of a lower credit ratings, the companies are expecting a higher return, which in turns means you'll have to pay a higher interest.

Thus, once you tide over, you must pay back your loan as soon as possible or the interest incurred will be compounded and you might have to take forever to pay back your initially low cash advance.

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Do i have a Fashion sense??

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Been thinking about it recently, am i the fashionable guy? The answer i found is i am not. I have no sense of fashion and can totally just close my eyes, pick up a shirt in the cupboard and just go out without beating an eyelid.

So if you asked me if i have ever heard of nudie, i would tell you no and asked if it's legal. However, it is actually a brand for jeans, nudie jeans to be exact. So you can see, i seriously do not have any fashion sense and that's why i have no idea what nudie is till now.

Another one of these is seven for all mankind. Without me telling you, can you figure out it's also a brand for jeans? If you do know, congratulations, your fashion sense is much much better than mine.

Nonetheless, www.tobi.com offers a pretty complete range of jeans, clothes and accessories. The layout is very neat and you can even mouseover any pic to see a larger view of your favourite clothings. You can add to the shopping cart fairly simply by just clicking a add to shopping cart button. However, some of the items are only available through phone orders. Thus, there might be some inconvinence there.

There's also brief descriptions of every product and there's also several photos of the product taken under different angle.

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What to do in a dire situation needing lots of $$ ??

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Ever wonder what to do in a situation needing lots of cash but you do not have enough to tide you through? The best thing is of course to save up for rainy days. However, the unforeseen can happen and when there's no choice, cash advance is the only way to go.

There's many different version of cash advance available in the market with most requiring you to meet certain criteria. This is for the loaner to ensure that you have the ability to pay up in future. Nobody would want to loan out money that is never recoverable.

So, out of the different cash advances scheme available like, payday loans, silent cash loan, and many many other schemes, which one should you choose?

Payday loan seem to be contradicting since you're getting your pay ... why should you get a loan? Do check out the links above to see how payday loan works.

www.cashadvance1500.com is a pretty clean and neat site featuring links to all the revelant cash advances site. It's really a one-stop site for all ur loans needs.

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Why you should really get a domain name asap

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Although it's exciting getting a new domain name, it's not so exciting seeing all the technorati reactions and alexa ratings drop to the bottom once again. All the hardwork trying to increase my blog rank seems to go to waste. Thus, i really thank www.jackbook.com for inspiring me to quickly get a domain name. Imagine even more effort wasted if i were to get a domain name only when my blog is highly ranked.

So, in order to help me increase the rank of www.phostan.com pls update all ur links from phostan.blogspot.com to www.phostan.com

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To Blog List

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I believe that it's important to have something for people to look forward to. Knowing when's something is going to happen makes you feel like you're in control.

Check out what's being planned for next week.

1) How To: Getting a free custom email ownname@owndomain.com
2) How To: Getting and Using your own domain name for your blogspot.com blog for $7.15
3) Travel Blog: Extremely cute pandas @ Chengdu

Of course, they will still be surprises along the way but the target for next week is to complete the 3 post.

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Revamped and beefed up Joint Contest.

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Check out the latest revamped, Joint Contest! If the outcome are positive, we'll increase the cash prize and offer other non-cash items. So, why wait? You just ned

1) $20 cash through paypal
2) Review by phostan
3) Review by jaesten

1) Give a honest and clear review of www.phostan.com
2) and give a honest and clear review of blog.treiziethoughts.ws in the same post
3) Post as a comment, your review url on either phostan or jaesten blog.

Winning Condition:
1) More than 10 participants
2) Best review based on votes by phostan & jaesten

Terms and Conditions:
1) Each blog can only win once.
2) After the contest is closed, non-winning blogs may write another review to join the next contest. (i.e. Any blogs can keep trying until they win)

Closing Date:
30 November 2007

Winner Announcement / Prize Giving Date:
1 Dec 2007

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Disappointing failure in the first contest

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The first weekly contest ended yesterday with only 1 participant. I declare it a ultimate failure due to the poor response. However, what's important is to think through how it happened.

Before that, i want to give credit to Erz for being the only participant of the contest. His blog is pretty interesting and from the large number of contest related post, i guess the purpose of the blog is to take part in many contest in order to generate extra bucks. However, there's also other stuff such as fashion tips and financial tips.

What went wrong was the question that keeps popping up in my mind. After much thought i came to this conclusion:

1. The contest was too difficult to worth the prize of $20 bucks.
2. Having to subscribe + fav in technorati + review is too much to ask for $20

Thus, after discussion with jaesten, we decided to make the entry requirement easier and include an exemption clause to ensure our purpose is meet before any prize is given away.

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Checkout phostan.com

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My domainname is up !!!! From setup to www.phostan.com pointing to phostan.blogspot.com . It took less than 1/2 hour. Didn't thought that it would be this fast! Usually it would take a few days for the domain name to point correct.

Anyway, i'll teach you how to get a domain name @ $7.15 in 1/2 hour time. Everything will be up and running in no time. All you need to do is to click and type the right info.

Stay tune for the upcoming post.

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Viral Blog Review 7 - Canon Camera Competition Details

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This is another contest that i am taking part in to win a canon camera. It a pretty good idea to give away something that you already own.

The blog is mostly about photography and cameras with some posts on Japan and random rumblings.

The layout of the blog is pretty neat and the first thing you'll notice is the huge banner of pretty models at the top of the blog.

The idea of introducing paying options for higher chance of winning is also great. Probably, i'll try it out soon.

Do check out the contest @ http://neilduckett.com/canon-camera-competition-details/

Overall i give a rating of 8/10

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Dream to be a rockstar? Why not manage one?

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http://www.projectrockstar.com/ is a very interesting game where you play as the manager of two bands. You can be a rock n roll band, or a pop band .. or if youlike, you can even play solo.

Once you form up a band, you gotta get the right person to play, there are many people to choose from but as the specs goes up, so does the salary. Thus, you'll need to find the best person you can afford for the kind of band you want to manage.

After that, you have to get them to write song -> record songs at a studio -> release the singles -> promote the singles to get sales going. After writing 10 songs you'll be able to release an album to earn money. You can even organise a gig for your band to earn some ticket money.

The goal of the game is to be the richest manager. However you can also try to get the best selling singles/albums.

Another interesting part of the game is, randomly, the shop will be selling limited edition goods which you can buy for the ingame manager (yourself). So you can be the person with the most number of goods.

This game is a must play if you are into music and would like to try managing a band.

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Is technorati reaching its limits??

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Ever encounter the case of your technorati authority and post not being updated? My blog has been expericing this for the past 5 days. Even when i ping my blog manually, the last pinged date just keep increasing as the days goes by.

Is it a case of the technorati spider not being able to crawl all the massive amount of blogs now? or is it a case of buggy code? Hmmm, it could even be that my blog is flagged for review.

I guess it's probably because my blog is flag for review, however, i have no idea what critera is used in flagging blogs for review?? Tried looking for answers in google but didn't really find any. The solution according to technorati is to submit the contact us form. I have done that but i received a auto-reply telling me they are now facing a backlog is support...

So what can i do for technorati now? Basically i can only wait and hope for the best.

Totally have no idea when my blog will be reviewed.

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Busy Busy Week

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This week is a really busy week for me ... with almost everyday staying late for work or for social event. Even thought it's been really busy, i feel useful as i feel the things i have done are purposeful. Life is really all about purpose. What is your purpose in life. Once you have found your own purpose, there will be meaning to life and no matter how busy you are, you'll be enjoying every moment.

However, it's not so easy to find a purpose in life, you really need to go through different experiences before you find the purpose in life. Also, this purpose might change as time goes by. But no matter what purpose you choose for yourself, you must constantly improve yourself in order to achieve higher standards and feel even strongly for your purpose.

Hope you have already find the purpose of your life.

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Viral Blog Review 6 - A blog on natural health and wellness

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This is a review i am doing just so that i can enter the $15 contest that is running @ http://www.gojicapital.com/blog/9.html.

As you can see from the title, the blog is about natural health and wellness through goji products. You can buy their products here and you will also find what are the benefits of the goji as well.

Their blog is available http://gojicapital.com/blog/ but there's not much post in it. But you can't really blame them as their focus is on selling goji juice instead of earning money from blog.

Overall i give this blog a rating of 5/10

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This weekend had been a pretty eventful one. I went to muar, malaysia for my friend's wedding dinner. The bus and accomodation were arranged by my friend and i think it's very well organised. The bus departed from Kallang Bahru Bus Terminal (Basically just a heavy vehicle park) and went to Malaysia via the Tuas Second Link. The second link is very new and pretty. As there's not much crowd, we cleared the customs very fast and before we know it, we were on the way to Muar, the trip took 4 1/2 hours and basically we slept all the way there.

The wedding dinner was very grand with at least 30-50 tables. The one unique thing about wedding dinner in malaysia is that they like to have Karaoke singing for the relatives and friends.

After that we went to our accomodation at a condominum hotel, there's 3 room inside and plenty of space for the 11 of us. We play mahjong and bridge till late. The next morning, we were brought to have our breakfast at a Bak Kut Tah store, the soup is very nice and i had two bowls of rich.

After that we went shopping for pastries and finally depart back to singapore. The trip back was faster as it took only 3 1/2 hours. I have no idea how fast the driver was going but at least i am back safe and sound.

The Bak Kut Tah (Pork Ribs Soup) is really very very nice but i don't think i'll have a chance to eat is soon as it's too far away.

You should definitely visit muar if you have the chance.

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Lower Your Insurance Premium

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Insurance is something everyone should have. In case of emergencies, at least there is some one looking after you. If you are looking at this post, probably you will already be holding to some insurance and you are thinking that your premiums are too high.

Here's how advantagetermlife.com can help you.
1) By comparing the rates from different companies, you'll be able to find the best rates
2) By offering different search options, you'll be able to find the best match.
3) Once you got the best rates, you'll be able to purchase the insurance.
4) The site offers many tips on getting the right insurance.

Other than the common term insurance, there's information on universal insurance as well. However, information is a bit limited and i think their agents will explain the insurance in greater details after you get a quote from them.

Brought to you by our friendly site

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Me and Jaesten's Weekly Contest

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As you can read in one of the conversation we have here in Jaesten's post titled $100 Prize for Lucky Number 13 Contest, Jaesten and I decided to hold a contest in both of our blogs.
Diana13, owner of the blog where that contest is on going gave us idea. And i cannot hold a contest by myself as i do not have enough fund yet. So, we came up with an idea of helping each other by holding the same contest in both of our blogs.

This is a weekly contest in which one winner will receive $20 and 2 Technorati authorities every week. Because Jaesten and
I will make a review of the winner's blog in our blogs.

This is of course an easy one.
For you to be able to join, you just need to do 3 things.

1. Subscribe in our feeds both by email and reader.

2. Fave us in Technorati- we are going to return the favor of course. And

3. Make a constructive review about our blogs and about the contest we have.
It does not need to be a flowery review. What we are asking is an honest and balance review of our blogs.
You need to make a post that includes both of our blogs on it. Do not forget that you need to put two links, one to our homepage and one to our post of the contest we have.

And after doing those, just leave a comment in this post with the url of the review you made. And do not forget to include your email address, as we are going to send you an email of notification if ever you are the winner.

Again, this is a weekly contest and the winner of this week will not win again by next week. So that others will have a chance to win. But those who joined this week and did not win are still in the pool of participants and still have a chance to win.

Oh well, i think i made it clear as possible as it can be. But if ever you still have any clarifications and questions do not hesitate to leave a comment here.:)

This contest is officially starting today and the winner will be announced Friday, our time, next week.

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Look out for a contest coming soon

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In a collaboration and trial to attract more traffic and readers to our blog, we will be trying out a weekly contest real soon, the best part is the winner will get NOT 1 but 2 technorati authority from this site and my partner's site. In additional to that, the winner will be getting some monetary reward as well. So, if you want to be the first to find out how to win, subscribe to my RSS with your email.

I have no idea whether this will indeed generate more traffic for my blog but it's at least the first step i can take. The worst case would be just 1 person sign up for the contest and i would just take this as a learning experience and any $$ lost as lesson fees.

Keep watching this blog for the details.

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Viral Blog Review 5 - 134u.com

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134u.com is a very clean and neat blog based on the number 13 Theme. There's 13 recent entries, 13 recent readers, 13 categories, and the last 13 comments. A very interesting theme indeed.

The owner is Diana Bajenaru, a Romanian woman, who's very proud of her country. Her blog are about blogging, SEO, contest and some personal stuff.

The interesting post she recently posted is the "Win $100 in My Lucky number 13 contest" where you can get a chance to win $100 direct to paypal. The contest ends on 13 December and all you get to do is this:

  1. Write about the contest in your blog
  2. Subscribe to her RSS via RSS Reader
  3. Subscribe to her RSS via email
If you does all 3 you'll get 4 chances to the contest.

Overall, i give this blog a rating of 8/10

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BlogCatalog & myBlogLog really works

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BlogCatalog.com and myBlogLog.com are two social networking blogger's network website that i have joined for the purpose of getting more traffic to my blog. One thing is for sure! They really works!!!

From BlogCatalog, i manage to get reviews and comments from people like coreli and JuStDeEzArTs who gave real and useful suggestions to improve my blog.

From myBlogLog, i manage to get links from people like awannabewritter who was the first person i reviewed on my blog.

In addition, after i signed up for both networks, my RSS readers increased to a all time high of 16 today. Before signing up i was like getting 2 or 3 readers a day.

It's definitely a must to join and be pro-active in these social network bloggers community in order to generate traffic to your blog.

However, without constant update and new content, you won't be able to retain all these new traffic. I am still in the midst of determining how best to retain these new traffic thus if you have any suggestions, do feel free to give some feedback and look forward to me implementing those suggestions you gave.

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Viral Blog Review 4- Thoughts of a Blank Mind - Anything Goes

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The owner of the blog refers to herself as "Blank Mind of Treizie" and she's from Philippines and is a single mother striving to support her only son.

Her blog is similar to mine, as in both of our blogs are general blog without any specific categories or topic. There's a very cute, adorable, and nice photo of her baby and she has been trying hard to get traffic to her site.

The 3-col blog look cluttered like mine (I should be revamping my clutters soon) with many widgets from different website. There's the usual social networking widgets from blogcatalog, BUMPzee as well as the interesting "how much is my blog worth" widget.

Her blog entries are pretty well written with well structured sentence and choice of words. The content she choose is really random from travel destination to paid reviews to happy thoughts to blog enhancement. So it's pretty interesting trying to anticipate what's she going to blog about next.

Overall i give this blog a rating of 7/10

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Viral Blog Review 3 - Toast & Egg & Me

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The blog is written by kumowai, the name sound japanese but i have no idea if he's really from japan. As a matter of fact, i don't even know if kumowai is a she or a he? =P

But putting that aside, kumowai's blog offers review of several interesting website like smorty, joblighted, reviewback, authenticjobs, and various other comic jokes strip to add some humor to his site. His posts also consists of very interesting invention like the coffee rim roller, and wordpress theme generator.

From the side links, i can tell that kumowai is a coffee lover with lots of links to coffee brands, coffee house and coffee info. As usual, the social network links are there as well. There's even many links to website providing free template. That's so considerate of kumowai. I won't need to search google just to find a new template for my site. :P

Kumowai updates his blog quite frequently with about one post a day since September 07 onwards.

Overall i give this blog a rating of 8/10

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A technorati reaction a day keeps the doctor away

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I want to have a target for my blog. It would be to have at least a technorati blog reaction a day. The current way i am doing it is by link exchange. By reviewing other people's blog, i get a link on their blog. With my review, their blog will get a technorati reaction as well. Other than doing this, i would need to come up with better content in order for other to link to my blog. The only reason why i am blogging about another website/blog is because i found the content interesting and useful to me. Thus, i would need to find a way for others to find my blog being useful or interesting to them. Some of the interesting things i found are: innovative online advertising/revenue generating site, traffic exchange site/blog, book style blog, tech review blog, there's basically no end to the countless amount of interesting subjects on the web.

Should my blog be just focused on a particular topic?

Should my blog still continues its direction as a very general blog and posting about every interesting i found?

For a beginner like me, i think it's easier to be a general blog as i can just pluck any topics in my mind and blog about it. There's no need for me to try different presentation technique to showcase one fixed topic.

Maybe once this blog is matured enough, i'll start a niche blog. Till then, i keep to my one technorati reaction a day goal.

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The real juice is out

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As expected, after alexa updated the correct page rank of my blog my blog juice dropped from 2.1 to 0.7 at least it's still better than the 0.6 before i suddenly become 2.1.

Now it's time to work even harder to try to get my blog juice higher.

There are the things i will be doing:
1) Review more blog and get them to review mine so that i can increase my technorati rankings
- In measureable terms, i want to have 1 new authority everyday.
2) Try to get more subscribes to bloglines by writing better contents and coming up with a way to get people back to this site
- maybe a daily/weekly freebies might help?
3) Try to increase my alexa rankings by getting more traffic to my blog.
- I think i must join more social networking site and traffic generation site.

In the mean time, wish my luck as i try to increase my blog ratings. Feel free to give your comments on how i can improve my blog. If your suggestions worked, i can be a testimonial to your success.

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Viral Blog Review 2 - Chatting and Having Fun with Sweetlady18

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This is a very new blog just started about 5 days ago on 6 Nov 07. There's not much content as yet. But i hope more things will be posted soon.

The blog's tag line of "1-800-TO-FLIRT 02360693" seems very adult-orientated. However, the few posts there looks pretty decent. The posts are about the definition of Happiness and what season is the author's favorite.

I don't really have anything against adult-oriented stuffs but i do hope the content will continue to be decent posts.

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StumbleUpon 2 - Lego: Rubix Cube Solver

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This is the second interesting site i found on StumbleUpon. It describe how JP Brown made use of Lego to build a rubix cube solver.

It's very cool to see that it's possible to solve the rubix cube with lego. Maybe i can try it out myself someday.

The video link on his site is down so here's another one that similar. Very Cool.

It's amazing what you can find on StumbleUpon. All the interesting sites delivered based on your interests are great.

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How to add BlogRush to BlogSpot

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This post is made due to a request from alman. So, do drop by his blog to have a look :)

If you have no idea what is BlogRush.com, it's actually a traffic generation site and you can read more about it on my blog here.

First, if you have not sign up for a BlogRush account, you can do it --> Here <-- After you have done that, you have to add your blog to BlogRush by filling up the form as shown below and submitting it.

Once that is done, you'll see the screen as shown below. You can change the look of the widget by following the instructions on the screenshot below. After you are happy with the look, copy all the code boxed in red in the screenshot below.

That's all you have to do at BlogRush site.

Now, login to your blogspot account and follow the steps below.
1) Go to Template -> Page Elements

2) Locate the column where you want to place the BlogRush Widget and click "Add a Page Element"

3) On the popup, look for HTML/Javascript as shown below and click "Add to Blog"

4) Paste the code you copied from BlogRush into the text field as shown below and click "Save Changes"

5) You can now adjust the position by draging and dropping the HTML/Javascript to your desired location.

PS: Click the pictures to have a larger view.

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Cool Comments Bubble for you site

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You have awannabe's blog to thank for this post. As she like the comments bubble very much, i'll teach you how to include it for your blog step-by-step for BlogSpot.com XML template.

Step 1: Go to Template -> Edit Html
Step 2: Search for "body {" and the first occurrance of "}"
Step 3: Copy the code below and paste it after the "}"

.no_comments {
background:#ffffff url(http://phostan.googlepages.com/summerfruit_comment_bubble.gif) top right no-repeat;
padding:10px 0px 0px 0px;

.no_comments a {
Step 4: Search for "<b:if cond="'data:post.allowComments'">"
Step 5: Copy the code below and paste it after the code you found in step 4.

<div class="no_comments">

Step 6: Look for the first occurrance of "</a>" in the same area
Step 7: Paste the code below, after the code you found in step 6


Step 8: Save and you are done.

PS: Do note that the bubble is hosted on my googlepage and it's recommended that you download the bubble and upload it the your favourite host and update the code to change "http://phostan.googlepages.com/summerfruit_comment_bubble.gif" to reflect your own url.
You can download the bubble by right-clicking the bubble and selecting save picture as.

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Free Magazine Subscription @ AdPerk.com

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Got to know about this free magazine offer from Alman's Blog. It's a very interesting concept where you can earn credits by watching video ads. Using these credits, you'll be able to exchange them for free magazine subscriptions. Currently, they are only offereing Popular Science, Ode and Alternative to U.S. RESIDENT. In other words, it's not applicable to me who's living in Singapore.

However, to all the U.S. RESIDENT out there, time for a free magazine subscription.

Check out the website here.

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StumbledUpon 1 - A Cool Dog

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Today, i joined StumbleUpon.com a website which will randomly delivers interesting website to me through its toolbar integrated with IE. I didn't have high expectation at first as i thought that it will just deliver normal webpages.

However, guess what the first website stumbleupon delivers to me. It a flash page of a very cute dog and very fun music. Underneath the flash, there's a textbox asking you to type command into it.

At first i had no idea what to do with this page. After a while, i figured you can command the dog to perform some tricks. It pretty interesting to see the dog reacting to your command.

Some of the commands you can try are: walk, jump, bark, roll/roll over, die/play dead, sneeze/achoo, fetch, spin, vogue, stand.

Try getting it to do other stuff and post it as a comment.

PS: Actually, the website is a ad for dog's health supplements.

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Buy me a beer code for BlogSpot.com XML version

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Have you ever seen blogs with a link asking you to buy the writer a beer or any other objects of desire? I have been wanting to add something like that to my blog for quite some time. However, i didn't have the time to do it till now. Today, as i was googling "Buy me a beer", i found tons of website teaching you how to do it for wordpress. After much effort i manage to find a post teaching you how to do it here.

However, there's some problems with the code there and i can't manage to just simply cut and paste the code for use in blogspot. After much trial and error, i found that the reason the code is not working is beacuse blogspot can't have & sign in the code.

Thus, the simple solution is to replace "&" with "&amp;" after doing that, all works fine.

Here's what you will have to do in order to add "Buy me a beer" to blogspot:
1) Sign up for a personal paypal account here or a premier account here if you do not already have a paypal account.

2) Save this icon buy and upload onto your own space.

3) Log in to blogspot and go to Template -> Edit Html

4) Tick the "Expand Widget Templates" Checkbox.

5) Search for <data:post.body/>

6) Replace "phostan@gmail.com" with you paypal email and "http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v235/infotrade/icon_beer.gif" with your icon url into the textfield below.

7) From the textfield above, copy and paste your own edited code below <data:post.body/>

8) Click buy to save and you are done.

Now, you'll just have to wait for your readers to buy you a beer.
I'll be very glad if you'll buy me a beer for this post. :)

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BlogSoc.com - Made by bloggers for bloggers

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While surfing the net looking for blog community to join, i came across BlogSoc.com which is recently started with only 188 members at of today. After joining the community, i feel that the concept introduced here might just work.

Making use of points system; you get points by actively being involved in add friends, sending message, being added into the favourite of other members. As the network gets bigger and bigger, you'll be able to earn some $$. I don't think it will be much but it's still a start. The website will be paying once it reaches 300 members + 1 month. So, do join me at this new BlogSoc.com be signing up here.

Below is the mission, vision of BlogSoc.com:

BlogSoc.com is bloggers society site. It is made by bloggers for bloggers and main reason why it was created is to promote interesting blogs and bloggers themself. If You want to promote Your blog and meet with society, it is right place to be.
Now BlogSoc.com members have great opportunity to earn shares in our society earnings and in future cash out real money.

Join now, become member of our society!

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Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com

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I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

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Increase in BlogJuice ratings

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BlogJuice is a free tool from text-link-ad which gives your blog/website a rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most popular blog/website. The rating is made up of the blog/website rank in bloglines subscribers, technorati rank, alexa rank, and number of links back to your blog/website.

It's so exciting watching the blogjuice ratings of my blog increasing from the original 0.2 to 0.6 yesterday. It was thanks to all the technorati blog reactions i am getting from awannabewritter as well as revellian. With this additional two authority, my technorati rank became 1,644,723. In addition, i included my blog in bloglines and thus, my blogjuice ratings became 0.6.

Today, out of a sudden, i found that my blogjuice increased to 2.1. This increase i think is due to an error with alexa. Instead of reporting the traffic rank of my blog, it's reporting the traffic rank of blogger as the rank of my blog. Therefore, out of a sudden, my alexa rank is 12. I think this will probably be corrected in a few days time.

Before you think of adding this widget to your blog/website, there's this one disadvantage of BlogJuice. The ratings don't get automatically updated on your blog/website. Every time your ratings increased/decreased, you'll need to copy and paste new code. I will be trying to write some code in the near future and offer a better alternative to this BlogJuice.

If you still want to add this blogjuice, do click here. Once you entered your url and choose a category, your blogjuice will be displayed and under that will be the code that you'll need to paste on your blog/website.

Happy looking at your blog/website blogjuice increasing.

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The Ultimate 10K Dream PC

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I was reading Digital Life from Straits Times and i came across an interesting article; the Ultimate PC you can build using available technology if money is not a concern.

This PC will set you buy by at least 10K but you'll be able to boast to your friends about how your PC can play all games in the market at the highest graphical settings with the best sound system.

Here's the guts of the fastest PC (In Singapore Dollars unless stated otherwise):
1) MSI P35 Platinum ($330) [motherboard]
2) Intel Core2 Extreme QX9650 ($1448) [processor]
3) MSI NX8880GTX ($940) [graphic card]
4) OCZ Reaper HPC 2GB Ram ($459) [memory]
5) Antec TPQ 1000W PSU ($399) [power supply unit]
6) Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 ($349) [casing]
7) 02 x Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 ($569) [hard disk drive]
8) Sony BWU-200S Blu-ray drive ($1139) [blu-ray drive]
9) Logitech G15 Keyboard ($169) [keyboard]
10) Logitech G9 Mouse ($169) [mouse]
11) Logitech Z-5500 digital speaker ($727) [speaker]
12) Windows Vista Ultimate OEM ($299) [operating system]

Total Cost: $10215

So with this monster, what exactly are you getting?
3DMark 2006: 12682 3DMarks @ 1280x1024 resolution
PCMark : 5118 PCMarks
Crysis: 36.5 fps @ 1280x800 widescreen resolution

Wish to get a piece of this? Click here or Check out the store below

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Stay clear from unknow PDF files

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It's here! It's finally here! PDF files are infected by virus. I saw this coming quite some time back but i didn't expect it to come so fast. As PDF is becoming the most popular format to send documents across different platforms, it's only a matter of time before some hackers manage to exploit loopholes to create virus. Alas, it finally makes it to Digital Life taboid of the Straits Times newspaper. Thus, be sure not to open any PDF files from unknown sources no matter how tempted you are.

This viral PDF is affecting Adobe Reader v8.1 and earlier in Windows XP running IE 7. Thus, if you'll need to update your reader here in order to be safe.

These virus writer are really getting more and more creative. I can't imagine what next; probably someone will think of a way to embed viruses into picture files and create a havoc.

Any way, as fast as new viruses are detected, anti-virus are created just as fast.

You can read more about the virus here

There also another earlier worm that makes use of Outlook to send virus disguised as PDF files. You can find out more at the following sites:

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Smart Investor & The edge

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I have been reading a local magazine called smart investor. The magazine is easy to understand and from it, i am able to learn more about the investment world and the stock market of Singapore. The magazine will usually include reviews of several companies and how they manage to remain competitive and relevant in their respective fields.

Sometimes, there are also articles on technical analysis where you can learn how to interpret charts and learn how and when to place a tade. There's even articles on financial planning as well as introductions to concepts of compound interest.

Overall, i find the magazine is a really good starting point for anyone instead in investing their money for better returns.

However, as the magazine is a monthly periodical, the information inside is a bit outdated. In the fast moving financial markets, time is of the essence and another good periodcal would be a weekly newspaper called "The Edge".

This newspaper provides uptodate information and coporate news. Thus, it really benefits those full time traders who needs the most uptodate information.

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Viral Blog Review 1 - I Don't Know Where I'm From But I Do Know Where I've Been

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This blog is really well written, with the owner describing her life and how she cope and overall all challenges dealt to her.

Her entries are very heart wrenching and you can almost feel what she's going through.

Looking at all her post, you'll find that you somehow wants to help her but wait, there really isn't any way to help her.

If you think you have what it takes, do read this blog and write a few comments.

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Brand New Look

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It time for a brand new look! Since this blog started a few months back, it been the same old blogger's look. I have been wanting to change it for quite some time. Finally, after much searching and hunting, i manage to find the one i like the most. Which is the one you see here. I got it from JackBook which is a really nice blog offering very nice templates you can use for your blog for free. The blog also teaches you how to install the templates and what are the possible ways to resolve common problems.

The direct link to this template download is available here and if you really like my new template, you can download it from there and follow the instructions there. If you face any problems, feel free to leave me a comment and i'll help you as much as i can.

Basically, i will be changing template every now and then in order to give my readers a fresh new look every couple of months. Do look out for the next new template i will changing for Christmas.

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Monetize Your Website

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Bidvertiser is another pay-per-click company allowing you to be paid when your visitors clicks on the ads by them. This company is a major competitor of google's adsense and i think it's better than google's adsense in several ways.

1) It allows you to sell your web space instead of just displaying what adsense thinks is best
2) It offers a low $10 payout into your paypal account instead of waiting till $100 and 2-3 weeks for the check to arrive from google.

Today is the first day i am testing out the Bidvertiser and will update you all once i get the first click. :)

You can click the button below to get bidvertiser on your website.

If you need to promote your site, you can use bidvertiser as well. Just click the other button below.

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Blog Review - Need a link to your blog?

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Just add a comment to this post with the url of your blog or website.

Once i see your comment, i read your blog and find out what it's all about.

As part of my on-going effort to engage more readers, i will analyse your blog and post a review of your blog for free.

All i ask is for you to post a link to my blog from yours. It would be nice if you are able to write a brief introduction of my blog.

I would call this ...... Viral Blog Review

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Keppel Corp Result

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Yes! Finally Keppel Corp released it's nine months unaudited result today at 5.56pm. You can check out the report here.

And as expected, the results indicate that Keppel Corp made a profit. Tomorrow, i expect Keppel Corp to make it to Straits Times - Money Section. Then, buyers interest in Keppel Corp will go up and so does the price of Keppel Corp.

Here's some highlight of the presentation.

1. 3Q’07 PATMI up 23% to $248m
2. On course for another earnings milestone
3. All business units contributed to strong performance

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Blogrush is a website that i came across today while randomly surfing the net. It's a traffic generating website. When you sign up for free here, you'll be given some codes to include in your blog. These codes will display a widget that's comes in several styles you can choose from. Within the widget will be links to other people's blog post.

Now you must be asking why would you want to link to other people's post? This is because your blog's content will be shown on other blogrush users widget. The number of times your blog appears on other people's blog depends on how many users viewing your blog. Every view will give you one exposure. Thus, 100 viewers will give you 100 exposures.

The best part is when other people who sign up for blogrush through your widget, gets approved. Now, people who view ur affiliate's widget will count towards your exposures. This goes all to way down 10 levels.

Do check out the introduction video found on the main page. It pretty much explains everything i said above in details.

Hopefully, my blog's traffic rate will goes up.

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First Warrant Purchase

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Today my order for 3000 shares of KepCorp MBLeCW080107 @ 0.14 got processed. The reason i brought the warrant was because Keppel Corp the underlying stock is going to announce its 3rd Quarter results tomorrow. Based on news of new contracts a few days back, i think that the share price of Keppel Corp is going to go up. Hence the decision to buy some call warrants. If i have gotten it @ 0.13 i would have made a bit of profit as it's now valued at 0.135. However, the order got processed at 0.14 and i made a loss instead. However, i think that Keppel Corp will release some good news tomorrow and the price will go up.

Quite a number of people are also trying to profit from Keppel Corp report as the volume traded today was 5973K which indicates investors interests.

Anyway, i am going to treat today's action as buying a lesson on warrant trading. Profitting will be a bonus but i have already learnt more about warrants by reading up @ http://www.warrants.com.sg

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Silver Wings Upon My Chest

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Finally the BAC is over and silver wings is now upon my chest. After 3 jumps i finally get my badge. However, although the feeling of jumping out of an aircraft is great, it's not as exciting as all the roller coaster rides i had in USA.

But most important of all, i manage to get to know a group of interesting and fun people from all over the army. It had really been one of the best experience i ever had.

Below is a youtube video of 82nd US Airborne Division doing a jump. It the next best alternative that i am show instead of the jump i made in singapore.

Below is another video of the jump, this time from the inside of the plane and just outside the plane. Enjoy.

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This is a cute game i accidentally came across over the internet. You are suppose to click the buttons below in a certain order to make sure that it can Level Up to the max level. It can't really be explained what you have to do. Just play and enjoy the game.

Click Here to play the game.

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What's up with Links

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Links are to blogs what oxygen is to men. Without links, nobody is noticing your blog. With nobody noticing your blog, the blog will die a slow death. Usually the motivation of a blogger comes from reading the comments from its reader. When you read a positive comments, you will want to write more so that you'll get more comments. This is a reinforcing cycle thereby increasing page view. However, for a new blog, there isn't much traffic and content and thus, it's very hard to engage readers. In addition, i feel that a general blog won't be able to grab as much attention as targeted blogs.

Even though general blogs are harder to draw traffic, i still went ahead and start a general blog as i feel that this is a better way to get started. This will be the first attempt to monetize my blog. In addition to posting about how i get started, i will post several random thoughts that i might have.

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The impossible Quiz

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I found a very interesting game on the internet, "The impossible quiz". It's amazing what people can create.

The Impossible Quiz

For version 1, i mange to get to Q55. So try your best to beat my record.

The Impossible Quiz 2
For version 2, i manage to get to Q30.

If you are stuck for a long time, drop me a comment with your email and i'll get back to you.

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To eat or not to eat?

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Is eating considered a luxury? That depends totally on how much you are spending on eating. Or should it be where you eat that matters?

There are many people who are scrimping on food just so that they can achieve their goal of losing weight, or saving money to buy other things. What I feel is that they have very short vision. The amount of money saved actually does not equate to their health that they are losing out. In other words, they are actually using their health in exchange for material wants.

I believe the better approach would be to exercise in order to lose weight and earning more money by constantly improving yourself and finding new source of income. However, it's easier said than done. Ultimately, we human beings tends to be lazier and thus, always looking for the easy way out.

Therefore, just remember that it's important to eat proper meals and work hard to achieve whatever goals you might have.

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Food for thought

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Is there always room for improvements?

In a dynamic organization where things are always changing, the changes may not always be for the better. However, without changes, the organization will stagnant and once people become too comfortable, it would be very hard to improve.

One of the challenges in making improvements is to change the mindset of the people that have been in the organization for too long and has become too resistant to changes. These experienced people will tend to think that they are always right and any new changes is wrong. In order to change their mindset, it is often very important to constantly engage them by filling their mind with a picture of the better future due to the changes. Only when they accepted the change, can the change take place.

Anything in the world can be further improved provided there's a change in the environment or mindset of any people. Even when you think that the best solution is already implemented, there could be a better one several years later. It is this constant thirst, or greed for better things that fuel the introduction of so many inventions into the market. Every 5 to 10 years, there would at least be a new invention that was never thought to be possible now. Every 10 to 20 years there would be new discovery of animal species. Even nature is evolving constantly.

Thus, the same applies in the office. I believe that everything can be improved. It is just a matter of prioritising which improvements would bring about the most efficient way of using limited resources. The way this limited resources is used is also what seperates the best from the rest. The person that can makes the best use of the limited resources available to him earns him the best reward available.

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What happen at my funeral?

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Not everybody likes to talk about death and dying. However, try answering this question and you can find your direction in life. I forgotten where i read this from but this concept was re-introduce when i went for a leadership course. Thus, i think this approach should be correct.

If i can see my own funeral, i would want to hear people say "This man changed my life. Because of him, i manage to live a better life", "Eng hwa is a very good commander, he's able to improve the working condition of every men under him.", "Eng hwa is a very knowledgeable person, he knows his stuff at his finger tips.", "Eng hwa is a dependable and efficient person, you can count on him to accomplish any tasks.", "The system he left behind is still running very well.", "Eng hwa is a good communicator, his speeches are strong and forceful and i still remember he said ".

From these, i manage to find out that i aspire to be a good leader, a people's commander, a systematic person and a good communicator. In order to achieve all these, i need to define a list of deliverable as well as approach to take.

In order to be a good leader, i have to read up on more books on leadership, i have read the "21 irrefutable laws of leadership" by John Maxwell and i think it's time to read it again for a deeper understanding. After that, i'll need to find other books to read so that i can improve myself further. Of course, i'll have to apply what i read and get feedback from my men in order to become a great leader.

My aspiration to be a people's commander, really came about because of the book "Whale Done" which is introduced by my mentor. The book uses an analogy about training a Killer Whale to illustrate reinforcing positive behavior and redirecting negative energy. We are constantly picking up all the bad signals from people and scolding them for their mistakes. (Imagine yourself punishing the killer whale; you'll most probably get eaten alive) However, the book teaches the approach of praising for good behaviour and praising the small improvements made. This way, people will work because they want to instead of working because they have to. This is quite a simple concept that i believe in but it's really takes effort to achieve success.

About being a systematic person, my engineering background has enable me to be very systematic. The systemic way is usually the approach i use for many tasks. I want to create a system in my work place now so that even if i leave the place, the system still goes on and the improvements i made will remain.

The last part about being a good communicator, i believe the best approach is to practise and practise and practise even harder. That's why i will join the Toastmaster Club. Membership will allows me to improve my communication skills as through the membership, other members can critic me and help me improve.

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Da Da's Birthday

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10 Aug 07, My girlfriend's birthday. I brought her to "The Altivo Bar" for dinner. It's a really nice place with nice view of Sentosa, Vivocity and all the dazzling lights coming from the many ships that beth at Singapore. This is also the first time we went on a Cable Car ride. It really feels good to be up in the sky with nobody else except me and her. The cooling wind with the soothing sound it mades as it enters the cabin is really calming and relaxing. How i wish the ride would go on forever. Maybe next time i'll try the sky dining.

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The Altivo Bar
109 Mount Faber Road
Singapore 099201
Tel: 6377 9688

Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 am (Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Opening Hours: 9.00 am - 12.00 am Midnight (Sunday,Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday)


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The food is quite nice and there's live band from 8.00pm till 9.00pm. However, the service is slightly slow and it required prompting before the water is refilled. (Maybe it too romantic [dark] for the waiter/waitress to see that my glass is empty) The presentation of the food is very nice and you almost couldn't bare to destory the beautiful creation set before you.

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There's also a koi pond where there are plenty of kois. All of them are so big and i believe they must be having a good time living in a pond beside a Bar. All they have to do is just swim around, look beautiful and all the food will come.

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New phase of life

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After graduating from NTU, i started a new phase of life. A working life full of challenges and excitment. Time really flies. Looking back at the 4 years of undergrad life was like looking at a 2hr movie. A really interesting movie that you will want to watch over and over again.

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