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Is there always room for improvements?

In a dynamic organization where things are always changing, the changes may not always be for the better. However, without changes, the organization will stagnant and once people become too comfortable, it would be very hard to improve.

One of the challenges in making improvements is to change the mindset of the people that have been in the organization for too long and has become too resistant to changes. These experienced people will tend to think that they are always right and any new changes is wrong. In order to change their mindset, it is often very important to constantly engage them by filling their mind with a picture of the better future due to the changes. Only when they accepted the change, can the change take place.

Anything in the world can be further improved provided there's a change in the environment or mindset of any people. Even when you think that the best solution is already implemented, there could be a better one several years later. It is this constant thirst, or greed for better things that fuel the introduction of so many inventions into the market. Every 5 to 10 years, there would at least be a new invention that was never thought to be possible now. Every 10 to 20 years there would be new discovery of animal species. Even nature is evolving constantly.

Thus, the same applies in the office. I believe that everything can be improved. It is just a matter of prioritising which improvements would bring about the most efficient way of using limited resources. The way this limited resources is used is also what seperates the best from the rest. The person that can makes the best use of the limited resources available to him earns him the best reward available.

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