What happen at my funeral?

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Not everybody likes to talk about death and dying. However, try answering this question and you can find your direction in life. I forgotten where i read this from but this concept was re-introduce when i went for a leadership course. Thus, i think this approach should be correct.

If i can see my own funeral, i would want to hear people say "This man changed my life. Because of him, i manage to live a better life", "Eng hwa is a very good commander, he's able to improve the working condition of every men under him.", "Eng hwa is a very knowledgeable person, he knows his stuff at his finger tips.", "Eng hwa is a dependable and efficient person, you can count on him to accomplish any tasks.", "The system he left behind is still running very well.", "Eng hwa is a good communicator, his speeches are strong and forceful and i still remember he said ".

From these, i manage to find out that i aspire to be a good leader, a people's commander, a systematic person and a good communicator. In order to achieve all these, i need to define a list of deliverable as well as approach to take.

In order to be a good leader, i have to read up on more books on leadership, i have read the "21 irrefutable laws of leadership" by John Maxwell and i think it's time to read it again for a deeper understanding. After that, i'll need to find other books to read so that i can improve myself further. Of course, i'll have to apply what i read and get feedback from my men in order to become a great leader.

My aspiration to be a people's commander, really came about because of the book "Whale Done" which is introduced by my mentor. The book uses an analogy about training a Killer Whale to illustrate reinforcing positive behavior and redirecting negative energy. We are constantly picking up all the bad signals from people and scolding them for their mistakes. (Imagine yourself punishing the killer whale; you'll most probably get eaten alive) However, the book teaches the approach of praising for good behaviour and praising the small improvements made. This way, people will work because they want to instead of working because they have to. This is quite a simple concept that i believe in but it's really takes effort to achieve success.

About being a systematic person, my engineering background has enable me to be very systematic. The systemic way is usually the approach i use for many tasks. I want to create a system in my work place now so that even if i leave the place, the system still goes on and the improvements i made will remain.

The last part about being a good communicator, i believe the best approach is to practise and practise and practise even harder. That's why i will join the Toastmaster Club. Membership will allows me to improve my communication skills as through the membership, other members can critic me and help me improve.

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