To eat or not to eat?

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Is eating considered a luxury? That depends totally on how much you are spending on eating. Or should it be where you eat that matters?

There are many people who are scrimping on food just so that they can achieve their goal of losing weight, or saving money to buy other things. What I feel is that they have very short vision. The amount of money saved actually does not equate to their health that they are losing out. In other words, they are actually using their health in exchange for material wants.

I believe the better approach would be to exercise in order to lose weight and earning more money by constantly improving yourself and finding new source of income. However, it's easier said than done. Ultimately, we human beings tends to be lazier and thus, always looking for the easy way out.

Therefore, just remember that it's important to eat proper meals and work hard to achieve whatever goals you might have.

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