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Links are to blogs what oxygen is to men. Without links, nobody is noticing your blog. With nobody noticing your blog, the blog will die a slow death. Usually the motivation of a blogger comes from reading the comments from its reader. When you read a positive comments, you will want to write more so that you'll get more comments. This is a reinforcing cycle thereby increasing page view. However, for a new blog, there isn't much traffic and content and thus, it's very hard to engage readers. In addition, i feel that a general blog won't be able to grab as much attention as targeted blogs.

Even though general blogs are harder to draw traffic, i still went ahead and start a general blog as i feel that this is a better way to get started. This will be the first attempt to monetize my blog. In addition to posting about how i get started, i will post several random thoughts that i might have.

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Stabiloster - October 8, 2007 at 11:49 PM

yo.. nice colour combination.. haha no time to read yet, but it looks nice ;) ur 2gb thumbdrive still here leh..

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