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Just add a comment to this post with the url of your blog or website.

Once i see your comment, i read your blog and find out what it's all about.

As part of my on-going effort to engage more readers, i will analyse your blog and post a review of your blog for free.

All i ask is for you to post a link to my blog from yours. It would be nice if you are able to write a brief introduction of my blog.

I would call this ...... Viral Blog Review

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Keppel Corp Result

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Yes! Finally Keppel Corp released it's nine months unaudited result today at 5.56pm. You can check out the report here.

And as expected, the results indicate that Keppel Corp made a profit. Tomorrow, i expect Keppel Corp to make it to Straits Times - Money Section. Then, buyers interest in Keppel Corp will go up and so does the price of Keppel Corp.

Here's some highlight of the presentation.

1. 3Q’07 PATMI up 23% to $248m
2. On course for another earnings milestone
3. All business units contributed to strong performance

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Blogrush is a website that i came across today while randomly surfing the net. It's a traffic generating website. When you sign up for free here, you'll be given some codes to include in your blog. These codes will display a widget that's comes in several styles you can choose from. Within the widget will be links to other people's blog post.

Now you must be asking why would you want to link to other people's post? This is because your blog's content will be shown on other blogrush users widget. The number of times your blog appears on other people's blog depends on how many users viewing your blog. Every view will give you one exposure. Thus, 100 viewers will give you 100 exposures.

The best part is when other people who sign up for blogrush through your widget, gets approved. Now, people who view ur affiliate's widget will count towards your exposures. This goes all to way down 10 levels.

Do check out the introduction video found on the main page. It pretty much explains everything i said above in details.

Hopefully, my blog's traffic rate will goes up.

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First Warrant Purchase

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Today my order for 3000 shares of KepCorp MBLeCW080107 @ 0.14 got processed. The reason i brought the warrant was because Keppel Corp the underlying stock is going to announce its 3rd Quarter results tomorrow. Based on news of new contracts a few days back, i think that the share price of Keppel Corp is going to go up. Hence the decision to buy some call warrants. If i have gotten it @ 0.13 i would have made a bit of profit as it's now valued at 0.135. However, the order got processed at 0.14 and i made a loss instead. However, i think that Keppel Corp will release some good news tomorrow and the price will go up.

Quite a number of people are also trying to profit from Keppel Corp report as the volume traded today was 5973K which indicates investors interests.

Anyway, i am going to treat today's action as buying a lesson on warrant trading. Profitting will be a bonus but i have already learnt more about warrants by reading up @

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Silver Wings Upon My Chest

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Finally the BAC is over and silver wings is now upon my chest. After 3 jumps i finally get my badge. However, although the feeling of jumping out of an aircraft is great, it's not as exciting as all the roller coaster rides i had in USA.

But most important of all, i manage to get to know a group of interesting and fun people from all over the army. It had really been one of the best experience i ever had.

Below is a youtube video of 82nd US Airborne Division doing a jump. It the next best alternative that i am show instead of the jump i made in singapore.

Below is another video of the jump, this time from the inside of the plane and just outside the plane. Enjoy.

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