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Blogrush is a website that i came across today while randomly surfing the net. It's a traffic generating website. When you sign up for free here, you'll be given some codes to include in your blog. These codes will display a widget that's comes in several styles you can choose from. Within the widget will be links to other people's blog post.

Now you must be asking why would you want to link to other people's post? This is because your blog's content will be shown on other blogrush users widget. The number of times your blog appears on other people's blog depends on how many users viewing your blog. Every view will give you one exposure. Thus, 100 viewers will give you 100 exposures.

The best part is when other people who sign up for blogrush through your widget, gets approved. Now, people who view ur affiliate's widget will count towards your exposures. This goes all to way down 10 levels.

Do check out the introduction video found on the main page. It pretty much explains everything i said above in details.

Hopefully, my blog's traffic rate will goes up.

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