First Warrant Purchase

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Today my order for 3000 shares of KepCorp MBLeCW080107 @ 0.14 got processed. The reason i brought the warrant was because Keppel Corp the underlying stock is going to announce its 3rd Quarter results tomorrow. Based on news of new contracts a few days back, i think that the share price of Keppel Corp is going to go up. Hence the decision to buy some call warrants. If i have gotten it @ 0.13 i would have made a bit of profit as it's now valued at 0.135. However, the order got processed at 0.14 and i made a loss instead. However, i think that Keppel Corp will release some good news tomorrow and the price will go up.

Quite a number of people are also trying to profit from Keppel Corp report as the volume traded today was 5973K which indicates investors interests.

Anyway, i am going to treat today's action as buying a lesson on warrant trading. Profitting will be a bonus but i have already learnt more about warrants by reading up @

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