The biggest day in your life

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What is the biggest day in your life? I suppose you can say your biggest day could be your birthday since that's the day when your life begins and that's when you made your first loudest cry to tell the whole world that you have arrived.

However, to me and most others, wedding would be the biggest day of our life where we get together officially with the partner of your life. It has been a tradition to have wedding rings to symbolize the marriage.

There are many different type of engagement rings ranging from diamonds, sapphire, ruby, or emerald. What is chosen really depends on likes and budget. The most common one will be diamond engagement rings which represent toughness and eternal love due to diamonds being the hardest material on the planet and the rarity of diamonds in the wild.

Even if you buy a diamond ring, you'll have to chose the best cutting in order to see the brightest glitter under the dimmest light.

It's really a daunting task finding the best ring. However, it will definitely be worth it as it's the biggest day in your life.

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