BlogCatalog & myBlogLog really works

11 comments - Post a comment and are two social networking blogger's network website that i have joined for the purpose of getting more traffic to my blog. One thing is for sure! They really works!!!

From BlogCatalog, i manage to get reviews and comments from people like coreli and JuStDeEzArTs who gave real and useful suggestions to improve my blog.

From myBlogLog, i manage to get links from people like awannabewritter who was the first person i reviewed on my blog.

In addition, after i signed up for both networks, my RSS readers increased to a all time high of 16 today. Before signing up i was like getting 2 or 3 readers a day.

It's definitely a must to join and be pro-active in these social network bloggers community in order to generate traffic to your blog.

However, without constant update and new content, you won't be able to retain all these new traffic. I am still in the midst of determining how best to retain these new traffic thus if you have any suggestions, do feel free to give some feedback and look forward to me implementing those suggestions you gave.

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