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While surfing the net looking for blog community to join, i came across which is recently started with only 188 members at of today. After joining the community, i feel that the concept introduced here might just work.

Making use of points system; you get points by actively being involved in add friends, sending message, being added into the favourite of other members. As the network gets bigger and bigger, you'll be able to earn some $$. I don't think it will be much but it's still a start. The website will be paying once it reaches 300 members + 1 month. So, do join me at this new be signing up here.

Below is the mission, vision of is bloggers society site. It is made by bloggers for bloggers and main reason why it was created is to promote interesting blogs and bloggers themself. If You want to promote Your blog and meet with society, it is right place to be.
Now members have great opportunity to earn shares in our society earnings and in future cash out real money.

Join now, become member of our society!

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