Do i have a Fashion sense??

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Been thinking about it recently, am i the fashionable guy? The answer i found is i am not. I have no sense of fashion and can totally just close my eyes, pick up a shirt in the cupboard and just go out without beating an eyelid.

So if you asked me if i have ever heard of nudie, i would tell you no and asked if it's legal. However, it is actually a brand for jeans, nudie jeans to be exact. So you can see, i seriously do not have any fashion sense and that's why i have no idea what nudie is till now.

Another one of these is seven for all mankind. Without me telling you, can you figure out it's also a brand for jeans? If you do know, congratulations, your fashion sense is much much better than mine.

Nonetheless, offers a pretty complete range of jeans, clothes and accessories. The layout is very neat and you can even mouseover any pic to see a larger view of your favourite clothings. You can add to the shopping cart fairly simply by just clicking a add to shopping cart button. However, some of the items are only available through phone orders. Thus, there might be some inconvinence there.

There's also brief descriptions of every product and there's also several photos of the product taken under different angle.

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Anonymous - February 7, 2008 at 4:09 AM

yeah you do if your rocking Nudie Jeans !

Anonymous - January 27, 2013 at 10:20 AM

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