How to add BlogRush to BlogSpot

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This post is made due to a request from alman. So, do drop by his blog to have a look :)

If you have no idea what is, it's actually a traffic generation site and you can read more about it on my blog here.

First, if you have not sign up for a BlogRush account, you can do it --> Here <-- After you have done that, you have to add your blog to BlogRush by filling up the form as shown below and submitting it.

Once that is done, you'll see the screen as shown below. You can change the look of the widget by following the instructions on the screenshot below. After you are happy with the look, copy all the code boxed in red in the screenshot below.

That's all you have to do at BlogRush site.

Now, login to your blogspot account and follow the steps below.
1) Go to Template -> Page Elements

2) Locate the column where you want to place the BlogRush Widget and click "Add a Page Element"

3) On the popup, look for HTML/Javascript as shown below and click "Add to Blog"

4) Paste the code you copied from BlogRush into the text field as shown below and click "Save Changes"

5) You can now adjust the position by draging and dropping the HTML/Javascript to your desired location.

PS: Click the pictures to have a larger view.

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