Is technorati reaching its limits??

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Ever encounter the case of your technorati authority and post not being updated? My blog has been expericing this for the past 5 days. Even when i ping my blog manually, the last pinged date just keep increasing as the days goes by.

Is it a case of the technorati spider not being able to crawl all the massive amount of blogs now? or is it a case of buggy code? Hmmm, it could even be that my blog is flagged for review.

I guess it's probably because my blog is flag for review, however, i have no idea what critera is used in flagging blogs for review?? Tried looking for answers in google but didn't really find any. The solution according to technorati is to submit the contact us form. I have done that but i received a auto-reply telling me they are now facing a backlog is support...

So what can i do for technorati now? Basically i can only wait and hope for the best.

Totally have no idea when my blog will be reviewed.

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Blank Mind of Treizie - November 22, 2007 at 12:28 PM

Oh do not worry Phos Tan.. It will be updated soon.. Just be patient..

I a happy that i am not experiencing delays but sometimes yes also..

By the way, today is Thursday..

I think we need to announce that unless we have at least 10-15 participants we cannot declare any winner. We only have 1 participant..

What you think?

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