Me and Jaesten's Weekly Contest

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As you can read in one of the conversation we have here in Jaesten's post titled $100 Prize for Lucky Number 13 Contest, Jaesten and I decided to hold a contest in both of our blogs.
Diana13, owner of the blog where that contest is on going gave us idea. And i cannot hold a contest by myself as i do not have enough fund yet. So, we came up with an idea of helping each other by holding the same contest in both of our blogs.

This is a weekly contest in which one winner will receive $20 and 2 Technorati authorities every week. Because Jaesten and
I will make a review of the winner's blog in our blogs.

This is of course an easy one.
For you to be able to join, you just need to do 3 things.

1. Subscribe in our feeds both by email and reader.

2. Fave us in Technorati- we are going to return the favor of course. And

3. Make a constructive review about our blogs and about the contest we have.
It does not need to be a flowery review. What we are asking is an honest and balance review of our blogs.
You need to make a post that includes both of our blogs on it. Do not forget that you need to put two links, one to our homepage and one to our post of the contest we have.

And after doing those, just leave a comment in this post with the url of the review you made. And do not forget to include your email address, as we are going to send you an email of notification if ever you are the winner.

Again, this is a weekly contest and the winner of this week will not win again by next week. So that others will have a chance to win. But those who joined this week and did not win are still in the pool of participants and still have a chance to win.

Oh well, i think i made it clear as possible as it can be. But if ever you still have any clarifications and questions do not hesitate to leave a comment here.:)

This contest is officially starting today and the winner will be announced Friday, our time, next week.

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Erz - November 17, 2007 at 11:23 PM

Hi there,

Here's my contest blog entry:

I've subscribed to both your RSS readers and emails and gave both of you a fave in technorati as well (look for tectra).



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