The real juice is out

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As expected, after alexa updated the correct page rank of my blog my blog juice dropped from 2.1 to 0.7 at least it's still better than the 0.6 before i suddenly become 2.1.

Now it's time to work even harder to try to get my blog juice higher.

There are the things i will be doing:
1) Review more blog and get them to review mine so that i can increase my technorati rankings
- In measureable terms, i want to have 1 new authority everyday.
2) Try to get more subscribes to bloglines by writing better contents and coming up with a way to get people back to this site
- maybe a daily/weekly freebies might help?
3) Try to increase my alexa rankings by getting more traffic to my blog.
- I think i must join more social networking site and traffic generation site.

In the mean time, wish my luck as i try to increase my blog ratings. Feel free to give your comments on how i can improve my blog. If your suggestions worked, i can be a testimonial to your success.

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