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I have been reading a local magazine called smart investor. The magazine is easy to understand and from it, i am able to learn more about the investment world and the stock market of Singapore. The magazine will usually include reviews of several companies and how they manage to remain competitive and relevant in their respective fields.

Sometimes, there are also articles on technical analysis where you can learn how to interpret charts and learn how and when to place a tade. There's even articles on financial planning as well as introductions to concepts of compound interest.

Overall, i find the magazine is a really good starting point for anyone instead in investing their money for better returns.

However, as the magazine is a monthly periodical, the information inside is a bit outdated. In the fast moving financial markets, time is of the essence and another good periodcal would be a weekly newspaper called "The Edge".

This newspaper provides uptodate information and coporate news. Thus, it really benefits those full time traders who needs the most uptodate information.

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