Stay clear from unknow PDF files

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It's here! It's finally here! PDF files are infected by virus. I saw this coming quite some time back but i didn't expect it to come so fast. As PDF is becoming the most popular format to send documents across different platforms, it's only a matter of time before some hackers manage to exploit loopholes to create virus. Alas, it finally makes it to Digital Life taboid of the Straits Times newspaper. Thus, be sure not to open any PDF files from unknown sources no matter how tempted you are.

This viral PDF is affecting Adobe Reader v8.1 and earlier in Windows XP running IE 7. Thus, if you'll need to update your reader here in order to be safe.

These virus writer are really getting more and more creative. I can't imagine what next; probably someone will think of a way to embed viruses into picture files and create a havoc.

Any way, as fast as new viruses are detected, anti-virus are created just as fast.

You can read more about the virus here

There also another earlier worm that makes use of Outlook to send virus disguised as PDF files. You can find out more at the following sites:

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