A technorati reaction a day keeps the doctor away

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I want to have a target for my blog. It would be to have at least a technorati blog reaction a day. The current way i am doing it is by link exchange. By reviewing other people's blog, i get a link on their blog. With my review, their blog will get a technorati reaction as well. Other than doing this, i would need to come up with better content in order for other to link to my blog. The only reason why i am blogging about another website/blog is because i found the content interesting and useful to me. Thus, i would need to find a way for others to find my blog being useful or interesting to them. Some of the interesting things i found are: innovative online advertising/revenue generating site, traffic exchange site/blog, book style blog, tech review blog, there's basically no end to the countless amount of interesting subjects on the web.

Should my blog be just focused on a particular topic?

Should my blog still continues its direction as a very general blog and posting about every interesting i found?

For a beginner like me, i think it's easier to be a general blog as i can just pluck any topics in my mind and blog about it. There's no need for me to try different presentation technique to showcase one fixed topic.

Maybe once this blog is matured enough, i'll start a niche blog. Till then, i keep to my one technorati reaction a day goal.

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Blank Mind of Treizie - November 13, 2007 at 11:28 PM

This is what i am aiming for also. But sad to say, until now i am stucked with 2 technorati authority.

And i really need to increase it.

My Link Pop in Yahoo is in good shape but in Google it is in bad shape as i only have 4 backlinks.

Tsk tsk..

My Alexa traffic rating is doing good also and hopes to get into top 500k at least.

Phos Tan - November 13, 2007 at 11:57 PM

haha .. thanks for dropping by :) do post your blog on http://phostan.blogspot.com/2007/10/blog-review-need-link-to-your-blog.html
and i'll write a review of your blog and you'll have one more technorati authority :P

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