The Ultimate 10K Dream PC

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I was reading Digital Life from Straits Times and i came across an interesting article; the Ultimate PC you can build using available technology if money is not a concern.

This PC will set you buy by at least 10K but you'll be able to boast to your friends about how your PC can play all games in the market at the highest graphical settings with the best sound system.

Here's the guts of the fastest PC (In Singapore Dollars unless stated otherwise):
1) MSI P35 Platinum ($330) [motherboard]
2) Intel Core2 Extreme QX9650 ($1448) [processor]
3) MSI NX8880GTX ($940) [graphic card]
4) OCZ Reaper HPC 2GB Ram ($459) [memory]
5) Antec TPQ 1000W PSU ($399) [power supply unit]
6) Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 ($349) [casing]
7) 02 x Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 ($569) [hard disk drive]
8) Sony BWU-200S Blu-ray drive ($1139) [blu-ray drive]
9) Logitech G15 Keyboard ($169) [keyboard]
10) Logitech G9 Mouse ($169) [mouse]
11) Logitech Z-5500 digital speaker ($727) [speaker]
12) Windows Vista Ultimate OEM ($299) [operating system]

Total Cost: $10215

So with this monster, what exactly are you getting?
3DMark 2006: 12682 3DMarks @ 1280x1024 resolution
PCMark : 5118 PCMarks
Crysis: 36.5 fps @ 1280x800 widescreen resolution

Wish to get a piece of this? Click here or Check out the store below

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