Viral Blog Review 4- Thoughts of a Blank Mind - Anything Goes

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The owner of the blog refers to herself as "Blank Mind of Treizie" and she's from Philippines and is a single mother striving to support her only son.

Her blog is similar to mine, as in both of our blogs are general blog without any specific categories or topic. There's a very cute, adorable, and nice photo of her baby and she has been trying hard to get traffic to her site.

The 3-col blog look cluttered like mine (I should be revamping my clutters soon) with many widgets from different website. There's the usual social networking widgets from blogcatalog, BUMPzee as well as the interesting "how much is my blog worth" widget.

Her blog entries are pretty well written with well structured sentence and choice of words. The content she choose is really random from travel destination to paid reviews to happy thoughts to blog enhancement. So it's pretty interesting trying to anticipate what's she going to blog about next.

Overall i give this blog a rating of 7/10

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