Ho Ho Ho ~ Merry Xmas ~ Ho Ho Ho

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It's once again the time of the year where Santa Claus roam and enter chimneys distributing presents into stockings. What a wonderful time of the year. Everyone is in holiday mood and everywhere is fun and jolly.

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. May all your wishes be fulfiled and may the new year ahead be better for you.

Wish List

1) Sony Ericsson W950i (But only the export set is available in Singapore; No Warranty) [S$375]

2) PSP [S$290]

3) Peace, happiness, health, fortune, love [Priceless]

Merry Merry Xmas

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StumbledUpon 4 - Nintendo 20 years ago and now

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When the first nintendo console was released in 1987 people were all excited with classic games like mario & ice climber. Now, there's the wii which is once again another revolution. So what is the difference between 20 years ago and now?

Picture taken from http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/111407/twenty-years-of-jumping.gif

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Cats - Glowing cats anyone? Mouse that ain't scard of a cat? and more

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I found several pretty interesting video clips on the Internet today. South Korean scientist has cloned a cat that's able to glow under ultraviolet light. Wonder if the cat feels strange about it. Another it's cool to see a glowing cat, but i think it's pretty cruel to try modifying a cats DNA just to make it glow. Why would anyone wants a glowing cat?

Another interesting clip is about genetically modifying a mouse DNA to make it aggressive to cats. What in the world is happening? Why would you want to make a mouse that isn't afraid of cats and would not run away but instead fight a cat? Strange but if you can change the fear of a mouse, maybe the next time they will make a fearless human?

There are two more interesting video describing the amazing tales of cats being stick in the tree and jumping to safety from a tall height as well as a luxuries hotel for pets.

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StumbledUpon 3 - Fancy some growing tables?

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I have always thought that furnitures with funny shapes and sizes were all cut and pieced together by marvellous carpenters. However, from http://www.pooktre.com/ i realise that farmers can also create tables that are still growing in size. How does that sounds?

Amazing isn't it.

Other than a table, the site also shows some trees shaped like a stickman with the branches and leaves as its hair. Slowly from an infant stage, the trees are slowly shaped into the desired shape. It must have taken 10, 20 years to create one masterpiece.

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Another busy busy week at work

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This week is gonna be another very busy week for me as i got lots of things to do. I always believed that the busier you are the better it is as that means that you are needed. However, something else inside me is tell me, the less busy you are means the better you are at management.

Anyway, don't think any of the two statement is correct. Need to really reflect upon my actions real soon.

I need a plan!

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Yea Yea !! No more anonymous commenter

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I have always thought that blogger only allows comments from blogger user to be identified. However, as i was replying a comment just now, i realise that there's now an option for readers to comment by using a nickname. I wonder if it has always been there or is it newly added. Anyway, i am glad that my readers are able to comment without being anonymous any more.

I always liked to have a top commentor module like in wordpress blog but i can't find a hack for blogger. So hopefully, blogger will do more and allow a top commentor module.

Having a top commentor module will really encourage more comments from readers as that module will provide a free backlink to the commentors blog. Thus, the more you comment, the higher ranking you are, and the more people will go to your blog. In addition, you get free backlink from every page of the blog.

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Making your blog stand out in google

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Since the start of this blog and google start indexing my blog, there's always the problem of google having the same description of all my posts as shown in the picture on the right.

After enduring this for a few months, i came across a post by jackbook.com @ http://www.jackbook.com/2007/12/win-the-search-engine-wars-with-this-tricks.html i realise that a lot of people are also facing this problem and i modified my template according to the solutions provided. Thus, we shall see how my blog will look in google in a few days times.

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To Blog List - Update + New

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From the last "To Blog List" post, i manage to blog on "http://www.phostan.com/2007/11/how-to-getting-free-custom-email.html" as well as "Travel: Caution - Extremely addictive, cute Pandas in Chengdu"

So what's up for next week?

1. I think it's time i change the layout and template of my blog. I have already received several feedbacks that my blog is to cluttered with too many external scripts running and slowing down the loading of my blog. So, next week, i'll be looking out for nice template to be used.

2. The traffic rate of my blog is quite low with only about 10 visitors a day. I'll need to find ways to improve my traffic. This will in turn improve my alexa ranking as that depends on traffic.

3. Do the how to blog on how to get a domain name that i wanted to do in my previous "To Blog List" post but didn't manage to complete. I wanted the post to be complete and relevant instead of a pooly done post. Thus, i delayed the post till i have the time to post a good and complete post.

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The different perspective of different people.

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Saw an interesting picture over the internet. Pretty interesting and funny stuff looking at how different departments view the same requirement of the customer. Even more interesting is the fact that sometimes customers can't even describe what they want properly.

Have fun looking at the picture. hahaha .. :P

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Credit Card, Unsecured Loans, Secured Loans - What are they?

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The best way to get something you desire is to save for it. There's a nice word for it - Delayed Gratification. However, if you would like to have instant gratification, you would need to pay a price for it.

You can either get it through your credit card which has the highest interest rates or through unsecured loans or secured/homeowner loans which have slightly lower rates. However, do take note that you'll have to pay for your Loans on time, otherwise there will be high interest rates as well as overdue fees.

So what are the things worth taking a loan for? For me, i think taking a loan to get a house, a car, or a renovation is okay but not taking a loan for a holiday or massage chair. However, everyone has their own set of ideas and principles guarding what they think is right or wrong for a loan.

Ultimately, you'll have to make the most informed decision based on your own preference and choice.

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