Another busy busy week at work

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This week is gonna be another very busy week for me as i got lots of things to do. I always believed that the busier you are the better it is as that means that you are needed. However, something else inside me is tell me, the less busy you are means the better you are at management.

Anyway, don't think any of the two statement is correct. Need to really reflect upon my actions real soon.

I need a plan!

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Bhisma - December 13, 2007 at 1:22 AM

मलाई तपाईको ब्लग मन पर्यो। र मैले के सोध्न खोजेको भन्दा कसरी डोमेन नेम पाउने।
First of all i liked your blog.It was quiet good but it have many links which makes it slow while loading.The ideas which you have shared is quite good.I wanted to know how to get the domain name as i am also trying to make one blog.Do i have to really purchase domain name? I have got webhost but no domain name and i want to link that webhost with the domain name.
Bye.And the first few lines are in Nepali.Just for fun which says that i was impressed by your blog.

Phos Tan - December 13, 2007 at 9:21 PM

hi bhisma :P i am very happy you liked my blog. Thank you very much. I will take your advice and remove some extra stuff to make my blog load faster.

There isn't really a need to buy a domainname as there are several good blog who don't have a domainname. However, it really set ur blog apart by havin ur own name. In addition, you can get a custom email for free based on your email.

The cheapest domain name will be a .info one going at 2.99 from

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