Cats - Glowing cats anyone? Mouse that ain't scard of a cat? and more

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I found several pretty interesting video clips on the Internet today. South Korean scientist has cloned a cat that's able to glow under ultraviolet light. Wonder if the cat feels strange about it. Another it's cool to see a glowing cat, but i think it's pretty cruel to try modifying a cats DNA just to make it glow. Why would anyone wants a glowing cat?

Another interesting clip is about genetically modifying a mouse DNA to make it aggressive to cats. What in the world is happening? Why would you want to make a mouse that isn't afraid of cats and would not run away but instead fight a cat? Strange but if you can change the fear of a mouse, maybe the next time they will make a fearless human?

There are two more interesting video describing the amazing tales of cats being stick in the tree and jumping to safety from a tall height as well as a luxuries hotel for pets.

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