To Blog List - Update + New

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From the last "To Blog List" post, i manage to blog on "" as well as "Travel: Caution - Extremely addictive, cute Pandas in Chengdu"

So what's up for next week?

1. I think it's time i change the layout and template of my blog. I have already received several feedbacks that my blog is to cluttered with too many external scripts running and slowing down the loading of my blog. So, next week, i'll be looking out for nice template to be used.

2. The traffic rate of my blog is quite low with only about 10 visitors a day. I'll need to find ways to improve my traffic. This will in turn improve my alexa ranking as that depends on traffic.

3. Do the how to blog on how to get a domain name that i wanted to do in my previous "To Blog List" post but didn't manage to complete. I wanted the post to be complete and relevant instead of a pooly done post. Thus, i delayed the post till i have the time to post a good and complete post.

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