Yea Yea !! No more anonymous commenter

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I have always thought that blogger only allows comments from blogger user to be identified. However, as i was replying a comment just now, i realise that there's now an option for readers to comment by using a nickname. I wonder if it has always been there or is it newly added. Anyway, i am glad that my readers are able to comment without being anonymous any more.

I always liked to have a top commentor module like in wordpress blog but i can't find a hack for blogger. So hopefully, blogger will do more and allow a top commentor module.

Having a top commentor module will really encourage more comments from readers as that module will provide a free backlink to the commentors blog. Thus, the more you comment, the higher ranking you are, and the more people will go to your blog. In addition, you get free backlink from every page of the blog.

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