I am still around!! This blog ain't dead

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Guess you been thinking that this blog is dead since the last post was so long ago. But guess what?! I am back!! But not for long though. I'll be going to Chengdu, China for a 2 week vacation over Chinese New Year! Cool hah?! Definitely!!

Will be posting some photos once i am back. Wonder how the panda from before is doing now in the cold? Maybe they are all cuddling one another. How cute will that be? keke. :P

Been working for 6 months now. All been good and well and hope that i will get more opportunities to perform in future. The busier i am at work, the more things i learn. The more i learn, the better i get. The better i get, the higher the achievement i can achieve.

Do you know what you want to achieve?

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Another site for your to earn residual income

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http://www.audioadhosting.com is another website where you can earn some money. It's a pretty interesting idea as there's not much audio ads in the market right now. So, audioadhosting is pretty much at an advantage.

You may wonder why audio ads is better than video ads. Let me tell you why. Having video ads means the viewer have to be looking at the video in order for the ad to be effective. However, the viewer is also looking at the content of your website. Thus, he can only focus on one of it. Either way, it's not very good for you.

However, if you use audio ads, the viewer is still looking at your site and at the same time, listening to the audio ads. Thus, it's a win-win situation where by your viewer gets to see what you want them to see and the advertiser gets to let your view hear what they want them to hear.

Thus, in order to earn from every visitor, you should add another method of delivering ads to your site.

Here's an extract from the site.

Imagine if google had paid you to find web sites for ad sense ads. How many do you think you would have enrolled? This is even better! Revolutionary new advertising method backed by one of the top 5 search engines. Each visitor to your website, blog etc will hear only 1 five second ad for national companies like HBO, Taco Bell etc. They will receive a commission and so will you. Bring your own affiliates and earn from them as well. It is free for everyone and great training is provided.
This is going to be huge? Do you know anyone with web sites or blogs who would like to earn from every visitor?
Act quickly because the door is closing soon for new affilates but your blog and web site is always welcome to host 5 second audio ads.

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SE W950i - Why isit my dream phone.

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Going at a price of SGD 374 from www.mobilesquare.com.sg it's really a bargain for a touch screen phone.

I have always wanted a touch screen phone. However, the pricing has been putting me off for ages, till i find out about SE W950i. Although it doesn't have Wifi, HSDPA, GPS but i can't ask for much for a price os SGD 374.

I have tried my hands on the actual phone which belongs to my friend and i find that the response is good, the feel is good, and the look is good. As i can't use a camera phone at work, this phone seems to be custom made for me. It has most of the things i want and passed the stringent requirements at work.

The newer version W960i is even better with wifi and gps. However, since it has a camera, i can't really use it.

If you want a detailed review, do check out http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_w950-review-111.php

Gsmarena.com really provides a good phone finder that can let you choose all the features you want in a phone.

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ebay the great site to shop online

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Ebay is a great place to buy stuff at a cheaper rate. You can even find sellers who will ship for free. Do check out ebay for the stuff you want to buy before buying them online. You can check the seller's ratings in order to ensure you are buying from a good seller.

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Help! It's too cold .... What happen to the heater!

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Did it ever happen to you? You are enjoying yourself with a warm water shower in your bath tub when suddenly, the heater went "POW" and you are left shivering there in the cold.

Imagine that situation going on in the living room as well!?! How could you live? The heater is really the unsung hero in your life. Life goes on smoothly without any hiccups, without you noticing the existence until the day your gas space heaters plays you out.

I can't live without my heater. However, my heater doesn't work really well. It's a central heater that store a fixed amount of hot water. Once that runs out after about 1/2 hour of shower, i am still left stranded with cold water. Any way, my heaters works on electricity thus the low capacity.

You can look at http://products.desatech.com/saveonhomeheating.php to see all the benefits offered by gas space heaters.

They are even offering 15% discounts to keep you warm. How's that for winter? It really warms the heart and soul.

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Qassia.com - Exchange intel for credits

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I find out about qassia.com from http://turnipofpower.com/ and figures that i should take a look at qassia.com as well.

Just read their marketing pitch.

Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add - only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks.

Last but not least, Qassia also has the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet, so in effect you get paid for promoting your websites. Qassia rocks!

The more people join Qassia, the more everyone will benefit, so give Qassia a spin. Signing up takes less than a minute, so you've got nothing to lose. See ya around!

If it's unlimited quality backlinks + ad revenue sharing, i think it's worth it to join. It sounds too good to be true. Getting paid to promote your own site. But whether it's effective anot, let's check it out in a few weeks time.

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Piano lessons any one? I think i need some.

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Piano lessons & piano chords

Music in our life is definitely necessary. Can you imagine taking the bus without any form of music? Every morning, i will be listening to the radio on the way to work.

Piano is one of the instrument you can use for producing music. It's nice to listen to the sound and if the composer is good, you can even feel the happiness or sadness of the composer in the music they compose. Playpiano.com is a site providing free newsletter on piano chords and chords progressions. You can also find tips on learning piano.

If you prefer, you can even buy DVD training videos coaching you how to play. I wonder when i'll be able to play a piano. Do visit the site for a better understanding.

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This is a traffic generation site that i found on the internet. I have no idea if it works, but no harm trying. Basing on my Alexa ranking today of 1,686,120 any improvements would means that rssHugger is working.

According to the about page, you'll get a chance to be in the top 100 list at rssHugger.com thus getting exposure to your site. In order to get into the top 100 list, you'll need to refer more people to your page.

We shall see what's the outcome of adding this blog to rssHugger.com

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Free PSP SLIM ?!?! Is it for real??

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Fancy a free PSP SLIM? I would definitely want one for free. But can it really be done?

There are a lot of site offering free consoles, free handphone by signing up for offers and is usually available in USA or CANADA. There isn't any one that's international till now. I came across Xpango.com which lets you accumulate credits in exchange for free stuff. I am nowtrying to get a PSP Slim at 13 credits.

You can get credits by

1) Completing offers ranging from credit cards signup, web hosting package sign up to mp3 download site. There's definitely something useful to you.

2) Refering friends and getting 1 credit once they complete offers or purchase something.

3) Buying clicks which will allow signups without referral to be registered as yours.

So, do signup for this wonderful opportunities by clicking the link below.

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