I am still around!! This blog ain't dead

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Guess you been thinking that this blog is dead since the last post was so long ago. But guess what?! I am back!! But not for long though. I'll be going to Chengdu, China for a 2 week vacation over Chinese New Year! Cool hah?! Definitely!!

Will be posting some photos once i am back. Wonder how the panda from before is doing now in the cold? Maybe they are all cuddling one another. How cute will that be? keke. :P

Been working for 6 months now. All been good and well and hope that i will get more opportunities to perform in future. The busier i am at work, the more things i learn. The more i learn, the better i get. The better i get, the higher the achievement i can achieve.

Do you know what you want to achieve?

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