How to bridge the gap between two countries?

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In this highly globalized world, it's getting more frequent for people to fly from one country to another just to work. Internet makes it even easier for people across the globe to collaborate in projects as well as make communication as if they are next to one another.

However, the most old method for communication is through the phone. Most of the cities and places on earth can be contacted through phone. Thus, all of us still need to have a phone even though we are all connected on the internet.

However, International Direct Dialling (IDD) calls are extremely expensive as your telcoms needs to use the lines of other telcoms in order to connect you across the globe. There are many ways to keep the cost low and one such way is to purchase calling cards. These calling cards make use of IP telephony to connect you to any phone in the world. provides you with international phone cards at low prices in order for you to enjoy the previous time talking to your love ones overseas. No matter what country you want to call to, you'll be able to find the cheapest calling card from With you can purchase directly and receive pins immediately for you to activate your accounts to make overseas call at low cost.

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Thought of the day ~ You can prepare for the unknown

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Have you thought about what to do in the event of an emergency? If you are saying you have not. Don't worry, you are not alone as most of us don't really think about what to do in case of emergency.

Some will probably think that since you won't know what kind of emergency you will be in, there's no point thinking about the unknown, otherwise, you'll just be wasting time and resources worrying for things that potentially will never happen.

However, all of us must plan in general. In case of emergency, what is the first thing you should do? All of us will have different answers as our priorities are different. Some may think of their wife, their children, some will think of their pets, maybe some will even think about their friends.
However, no matter what, you have to get started and plan in general. Otherwise, in case of emergency, you will be left wondering what to do and maybe even regret later when you recap and realise you should have done something in another way.

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Free hosting or webhosting??

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This blog is hosted on free hosting by the only thing i paid for is the domain name that i brought from

So should you get a paid hosting? After using free hosting for more than 6 months, i think it's really good to get a paid hosting if you can afford it. The freedom and choice you have is much more than what you can get with free host.

With free host, you will not have much technical support, and you can only made do with whatever is given. With paid hosting, you'll be able to decide what you want and customize your web hosting package to be effective and efficient.

However, even with paid hosting, there's a lot of things to consider like reliability, price, service, technical support, etc. In order to know which host is good, you'll need to read reviews of other users and from there know the standards of the webhost. really provides a good post on how to choose web hosting company and why it's good. So, in order to get all the necessary info to make the right decision, you'll have to check out as they provide the best web hosting you can ever find on the internet. Look no further, just check them out.

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Thought of the day ~ Practise thinking about nothing

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Everyday, every minute, every seconds, we can never stop thinking about something. Try to clear your mind and think of nothing at all and all sort of things will just pop up in your mind. Worries, stress, hobbies, faces, anything you experience will somehow pop up in your mind even when you try to stop thinking.

So why should we stop thinking? It's actually to clear your mind and straighten out your thoughts. The art of blank mind is really hard to achieve. The most i can achieve is 1 second of nothingness.

After you finish reading this post, why not take a few seconds, think of nothing and when the first thought creeps in, that should be the one most important you have to do now.

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Slow and steady rank alexa increase

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Day by day, alexa ranking is inching up slowly but surely. From a few million when this blog just started to 400k+ to 300k+ now ... our rank is slowly increasing. Hopefully in a month time, this blog will be in the top 100k.

So why is traffic ranking important? This is because traffic ranking is a measure of how well received the blog is. It also reflects how much of the world came to know about this blog. In order to retain new visitor, you will need to bring in new visitor.

You can do that by viral marketing, ad placement with google, or submission to SEO company who will get you site on all search engine. Since search engine is the first place any surfers would go to search for information, you will definitely need to work you way up the keyword ladder in order for surfers to find your site.

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Boxing ~ The match of the year!

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I feel Boxing is really a guys sport; watching two men bashing up one another to win the title is really all about pride and being the best. The more agressive you are, the fitter you are, the longer you last, the more titles you'll win.

Mayweather and De La Hoya match is one well worth the wait. Although it's going to be in september, after an announcement to delay the one in may, that's just going to get more people excited about the match. When two great warriors fight, the punches and techniques will definitely be worth the ticket price. Mayweather vs De La Hoya tickets is definitely the ticket you must get!

It's not everyday that you get to see two champion in their own ways fight it out with one another for the ultimate champion.

As many people will want to catch the match of the year! You need to act fast in order to get a seat. Where else to book other than from who is offering advance booking for the unconfirm match.

By booking now, you will definitely be able to catch the match live when the event is finally held. It would be too late if you wait for the match to confirm as by that time, all seats would have been pre-booked.

There's no 2nd show or encore show for the match. So, act fast and furious to book your tickets now.

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Another toastmasters evening

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I went for a toastmasters speech and table topics competition this evening. It's a good experience listening to the best in the club compete for the chance to represent the club in the division competition. The topics were interesting and the speakers speaks very well.

However, there wasn't much audience and there's no crowd to bring up the atmosphere. I wonder if the lacklust response is due to poor publicity or poor members involvment?

How can we encourage more members turn up for the competition? Unless they are self-motivated, we will have to come up with different ways and method to bring in the crowd. Publicity is very important and i think a dedicated publicity officer for the event would be able to work wonders in getting members excited about the competition and want to attend.

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Expanding your business and in need of Small Business Loan?? No fear! Help is here

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Running a business requires funds and when you need cash to tide over a tight period? Who should you approach? Small Business Loan is available form at attractive rates.

Be it to expand your business or to purchase new equipment, you can get your loan from Their underwriters will work exclusively to help you in obtaining the MOST financing possible in the SHORTEST time possible.

This is exactly what you need to achieve when you are in need of capital. The larger the amount you can obtain, the easier it is for you to solve your problem. The faster you get the cash, the easier it is to solve your problem. Thus, EZUnsecured is definitely the way to go.

The website is pretty well designed and is very neat anc clean. All information can be found on the website as the webpage are pretty informative.

Although the services provided, you can do it yourself, but why risks your credit ratings by applying for the wrong line of credit at the wrong bank? Once you are denied for too many times, you will not be able to get your line of credit in the next 3 to 6 months. So, in order to ensure you apply correctly, you definitely need the help from an expert which is which will do everything to ensure you get largest amount of credit in the shortest possible time.

So, why wait any longer? Visit now!

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Work Completed

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The new look of the blog is finally ready :) many thx to all who waited patiently and very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The template is gotten from which is offering pretty templates for free. However, the original template was not totally to my liking and i changed some of the features of the template.

First, i have to get the dates working as the webhost for the javascript had its bandwidth used up. Second, i moved the labels from the bottom of the post to just below the date post. Lastly, i added 2 new sections just before the footers to put my recent readers widget from and

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Custom-made plastic bags any one??

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How many generic plastic bags have your thrown away? By the age of 20, you would have thrown 1000+ plastic bags. How much is being thrown away if there's a billion 20 years old? So, is it time to change to paper bags? Well, not necessary. Custom-made plastic bags may be the way to go.

if your company used custom-made plastic bags, your clients or customers will most probably retain your plastic bags for further usage instead of just a one-time usage. I am assuming that your custom-made bags are of higher quality and beautifully designed.

Where else can you get a Plastic Bag Manufacturer? International Plastics can do all kind of bags for you. You need to check out their website in order to understand the varieties they are offering. It's amazing what they can custom-made for you.

The Trade Show Bags they can manufacture will definitely draw crowds to your exhibition booths and enable your clients to remember your company and promote your company for you for free by using your company's custom-made high quality plastic bags.

Other than that, International Plastics can also manufacture recloseable zip-lock bags as well as all types of poly bags.

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Work In Progress (WIP)

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Hello, this blog is currently undergoing a major plastic surgery and will be done for a few hours. Hopefully by the time it's up, you will find the blog more beautiful and reader friendly!

Stay tuned for the great revamp and sorry for any inconvinenced caused.

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How to prevent identity theft?

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Have you ever had your identity stolen? It must have been a horrifying experience finding someone else living as you. It would be worst if they did something bad using your name. Your good image will be destroyed overnight and all the hard work you put in to build up a good image will be gone.

In order to prevent identity theft, you will need lifelock to help you. Lifelock is the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection and offers a proven solution that prevents your identity from being stolen before it happens. The services they provide is realiable and guaranteed up to 1 million dollars. All these is available for just $10/month. This is really cheap considered your image and identity is at risk.

So, why risk your identity? Get it protected at lifelock.

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Interesting financial blog

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As i was dropping cards on entrecard, i found a pretty interesting blog @ which is very clean and neat with lots of information on trading. The site is based in Australia and it shares with readers how to trade on the ASX. There are also articles on generating charts using excel which i find to be very useful. There's minimal advertisement on the blog and the feeling i get from the first look is that of professionalism and passion.

I hope you'll like the site and find it useful.

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Solve all your printing needs with the great services from

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Ever wanted to print your own design for your name card, t-shirts, caps, and even labels? I believe most of us have this idea at one point in our life. With a custom design, we will be able to have our own identity and through it, build up our own image.

Vistaprinting provides you with name card printing services, address labels, magnet, checks and stamps. Basically, any thing you can think of, vistaprinting will be able to print it for you. Now, they are offering new users free checks when you check out by entering "BlogFreeChecks08". The rubber stamp produced also enable us to quickly stamp our name and information on a large amount of paper for our office work. The self-inking stamp allows you to stamp even faster by not requiring you to constantly stamp the stamp on the ink pad.

Use coupon code “BlogFreeChecks08” at checkout to get 25 free checks. If you think the design and free services rendered is not enough, you can order checks or the other products available.

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Bear Market! It is on the way or is it already here??

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The bears are winning and leading the way now in the stock market. The bulls are running away in fear of the bears.

It's pretty interesting to know that bears and bulls belong to the stock market, i wonder who is the first person to start calling a declining market as a bear market and a rising market as a bull market. He must be very creative to come up with these representation.

In this world, if we want to become rich, the only way to do it is through starting and succeeding in a business or through investing/trading. If you are just a salaried worker, you'll never be rich. Inflation will eat up all your savings and make your money worthless. The only thing that can withstand the trials of time is investments.

Only with investments will you be able to generate wealth and through wealth generate happiness. Although wealth does not equate to happiness, but having wealth would means you have a greater chance of creating happiness.

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Las Vegas, the place with the most fun

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Las Vegas is such a fun place to be in. I was there for 3 days and i almost stayed there for life. I stayed in wild wild west which is cheaper but slightly further away from the main strip.

Every casino in LV has its own theme ranging from circus, to new york, to medieval. No two casinos are the same in LV. The services provided is also top notch with free drinks available when you play at the casino. From this free service, i am able to get to taste different cocktails from magaritas to mai tai. It's especially tempting to play at a 1-cents slots and wait for the servers to pass by to get free cocktails.

Grand Canyon is quite near to LV and thus is a must see place whenever you are in LV. You can tour grand canyon either through a helicopter which give you fascinating views, or you can take a coach to some points where it is specially built to allow you to view the more interesting features of the grand canyon.

For other great family vacation ideas you should check out Trusted Tours & Attractions website. They offers tours such as Key West Snorkeling trip as well as Niagra Falls tours.

In addition, sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win an IPOD Nano! Offer ends Monday, March 31st, 2008. Put this at the end of the post.

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Thought of the day ~ Mission Impossible is Possible

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MI is probably one of the more popular movies that most of us would have seen. Whether you love it or hate it, you just make it more popular. So how does MI got to do with the thought for today?

I believe there's nothing impossible in the world; It's only a matter of attitude. If you believe you can do it, you will be able to do it. No matter how many times you tried and failed, you must never give up and ultimately, you'll succeed.

In life, there will be many obstacles ahead and you must stand firm and overcome all of them in order to succeed.

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Credit Woes? Fear not, you can manage!

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Everyone of us will have some sort of credit woes once in a while. The only concern is how to properly manage it and tide through the crisis. Although we should try our best to spend within our means, sometimes, things just don't happen ideally.

You might have just gotten your first house and spend a bomb on it. Thus, you'll need to get a loan to renovate it as well as buy electric appliances.

Once you manage to get everything you need, you will be in a lot of debts and here's how debt negotiation might be able to help you. provide credit counselling, debt settlement, systematic accmulation and home equity loan in order to help you get out of debts and create wealth. Who in this world won't want wealth, it's only a matter of who can achieve the most wealth in the shortest time.

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The most reliable way to get hosting for your facebook apps is through as they are offering a one year free package for hosting your app. However, due to overwhelming response, you will have to wait for a few weeks before you are granted a free account.

The account offers full root access and lots of features for 1 year. This is really a very good marketing strategy as after a year, the good apps will be generating lots of traffic and the creator would want to keep it that way by purchasing a plan from As for the not so popular apps, they will die off and joyent will be able to offer the space to the next better player.

It is indeed a very effective way to stay in business. The good will get better and pay for joyent services while the not so good will be ousted.

I wonder where my app will be after 1 year. Why should i be thinking of this when i don't even have an idea for an app yet?

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Having a headache choosing a gift for marketing your company????

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Business Promotional Items @ is where you go to find products and gifts you'll ever need to promote your own products and services. provides a very detailed and comprehensive lists of products that can be customized to meet your needs.

No matter what you can think of or even what you never thought of, can be found at the site. Despite the large amount of products, the layout is very neat and you can browse the catalog very easily to find the product you require. The custom imprint will definitely make your company stands out from the crowd and enable your message to reach it's intended customers profile.

The payments methods available includes paypal, amercian express and master/visa credit card. With these options, almost all customers are able to make payment easily. After you have made payment, you can track your orders via their online tracking system which will allow you to know exactly when your product will be arriving.

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Thought of the day ~ Successful people reflects on their mistake

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In this world, everyone makes mistakes. The only difference between the elites and the rest is how the elites reflects upon their mistakes and improve themselves. They would never let small small mistakes grow into huge mistake.

So, how can you know when you've made a mistake? You definitely need somebody to feedback to you. This person could be your life partner, or your close friend. They are the ones who will truly feedback to you for your own good.

However, nobody likes to be criticized and thus, feedback must be done tactfully. Otherwise, you will end up offending them. You must have encountered numerous experiences of criticism. However, if you think carefully what was feedback to you, you will find that the information is tremendous.

Next time, somebody criticizes you, don't be angry, think how you can improve from the feedback given.

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MarineTraveLift ~ It moves ship on land

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Boats belong in the sea; Boats moves smoothly over the sea. However, how do you get the boat to move on land? MarineTraveLift provides Boat Hoist and lifting equipment in order to transport your boat or ships over land.

The company being in business for 40 years is a testimony to its commitment to quality products and great services. The in-house engineers designs all the machineries and the materials used are all top notch.

Regardless of your transporting and hoisting needs, you'll be able to find the best solutions at MarineTraveLift.

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My first FaceBook application

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I have started working on my "Hello World" application and manage to get it working after several attempts. I am using PHP5 and the php5 client provided by The site is really the place for you to get started in developing apps for facebook. The step-by-step tutorial provided here really give you an idea of how to get started.

Although it's pretty easier to write a "Hello World" apps, it's not that straightforward to write a more advance app. The advance_demo package really provides further insights into the way facebook apps works.

Once i have figured out how things work in creating an app, i'll teach you how to make one. In the mean time, if you have any ideas for a facebook project, do drop your comments so we can work together to create an app. After that, maybe we can think of how we can monetize it. :)

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Global Knowledge ~ The Worldwide IT & Business Training Site

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In this rapidly developing world, there's a constant need to upgrade yourself in order to stay relevant in your line of work. In addition, once your line of work become obsolete, you'll need new training in order to find work. As the world is getting more and more globalised, we will get more connected through high speed internet.

Therefore, Global Knowledge is where you can find training for yourself. From ITIL training to Cisco Training to microsoft training, every IT & business training needs you might ever need can be found at Global Knowledge!

Global Knowledge provides many different methods for you to receive their training. You can have it on-site in your own comfortable place or you can have it in their classroom where expert instructors and hands-on session enable you to experience learning. There's even online virtual classroom for you to learn. Lastly Global Knowledge also offers e-learning where you learn at your own pace.

Why wait further and missed the chance to upgrade yourself. Visit Global Knowledge now!

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Thought of the day ~ An apple a day keeps the doctor away

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Eating fruits is a healthy habit that has always been the case since i was born. I remember my mum always used to keep asking us to eat fruits. We usually have our share of fruits as dessert after every meal. However, we should really have fruits before every meal. This is because the food we eat will affect how our body absorbs the vitamins in the fruits. As our gastric acid is digesting our food, the fruits we eat after every meal will not be able to be fully digested. Thus, the best time to have fruits is to take it before every meal.

Orange is a good source of vitamin C which will build up our immune system so that we will be more resilient against common cold and flu. The fibers from the fruits will also aid in our digestive system.

Therefore, do take some fruits before your next meal and you'll live healthier.

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Kettering University ~ Your in for the ride of your life.

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Kettering has a very unique way of educating its student and believes that practise makes perfect and thus, ensure that upon enrollment you'll embark on the journey of your life into the working world. The unique 3-months rotating co-op program will rotate you between school and your co-op job to gain practise experience from your freshmen year.

The US News and World Report has also ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in its annual "America's Best Colleges Guide for 2008".

Industrial Engineering being the reason why Kettering is the best, it definitely the faculty to be in. The job market now, requires lots of industrial engineers and if you are in the best school, you'll be able to command a premium compared to other school.

No doubts on why Kettering is the best as all students are very well experienced and trained by the time they gradute.

The engineering co-op programs will ensure you will always stay as the cream of the crop.

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This blog has 100 Posts!!!!

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Oh my god! I just checked and realise that my blog is now having 100 posts!!! This current one will be the 101 :) It's interesting to look at my very first post and reflect back on why i written it that way.

It has been almost 7 months since Aug 07 when i first started the blog. It has definitely grown up from it's infant stage and moving into it's toddler stage. I wonder how long it will be before it matures and become an adult.

From this blog, i have learnt a lot of things. From the latest craze in the internet, to the funny video at youtube, to stumbling on interesting sites. It has definitely makes my life more interesting. I hope by reading my blog, you'll have some take away and hopefully it has also made your life more interesting and meaningful.

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Get paid for blogging! use

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Need additional cash? Smorty is a new way for you to earn cash from your hobby. By blogging about products/services, you'll get paid $6 per post. For advertiser, making use of smorty, you will be able to advertise on blogs and reach out to a wide range of consumer from all over the world. provides a very clean and neat layout which is very intutive for the normal user. For the control panel, bloggers can find out how much they have earned. Advertisers can setup their campaign and the rest, smorty will setle for you.

The dashboard is very well designed as you'll be able to look at your earnings at a glance and know when you will be getting your cash.

Smorty is really one of the better place for your to get paid for blogging. There's plenty of tasks available for you to choose and you can choose the one that's is in line with the theme of your blog. There's no simplier way to do it.

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Traffic ranking for

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It has been several months since i started this blog. Perhaps, it's time to take stock on how this site have grown. As you can see from the graph, the traffic to this site is steadily increasing. This is pretty much good news as more people are visiting this site now.


Page Rank wise, Google did an update and it turns out that this site is now PR3. This is simply amazing! I almost gave up hope of getting a PR when this site is constantly PR0 when suddenly i checked and found that this site is not PR3. I hope i will be able to generate more traffic to this site and increase the PR once google updates again.

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Charter services for life! Win a wii in the process!

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What better way to surf the internet than at fastest speed. With a fast speed, you'll be able to download movies, musics, in seconds instead of in hours. Imagine downloading a 700mb file in 10 seconds. :P That's would be amazing isn't it?

Charter provides speed of up to 16Mbps which is 10X faster than normal 1.5Mbps DSL connection. By bidding for the service, you not only get high speed internet for life, you'll get a chance to win the latest nintendo wii. To make the deal even sweeter, it's not just wii by itself, it's the whole package of games, controllers, as well as additional accessories. Furthermore, any upgrades in speed in the future will be yours at no extra charges.

I think this is a pretty good way to purchase an internet service, once you get it, you can take your mind off the payment of your internet service and better enjoy the high speed and convenience it brings along.

For this convenience, you need to pay a slight premium. However, if you calculate it carefully, you will find that you are actually saving a lot by purchasing a life plan.

This opportunity is not to be missed. However, the service is only available in limited areas and you can check out here for the details.

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

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Speed Tag ~ Check out how fast i typed =P

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49 words

Speed test

Thanks esten for inviting me to the speed test on your blog. This is a pretty interesting online speed test for your to find out how fast you can type accurately using your computer. :) That was for the first try, after that, i tried again and i gotten to 59 words :P

59 words


See how much i improve? haha .. :P

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How to own a house?

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Mortgages is the norm now. Everyone of us will definitely need one unless you are born with a golden spoon in your mouth. When you need to settle down and purchase a house, you will need to get a mortgage as you would not have enough cash to purchase your house.

Since you need to get one. You must choose wisely and make sure that you are paying the lowest interest on your loan. Otherwise, you will have a hard time repaying your mortgage and may end up in a vicious cycle of debts.

So how can you choose the right mortgage for yourself? You can either look for a financial planner who will plan for you or you can look up information on the internet. Always remember to read the fine prints as that's where all the important things are.

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Thought of the day ~ Network Quotient (NQ)

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You know about IQ and EQ but have you heard of NQ? Intelligent Quotient is a measurement of how clever you are while Emotional Quotient is a measurement of your interpersonal skills. Then what is NQ? Why do we need NQ?

NQ is a measurement of how large a network of friends/colleagues/acquaintance that you have. I think this started because of an idea from a book.

"You are as rich as the average of the 10 richest friends you have."

This is quite true as birds of the same feather flocks together and we tend to group with friends who are similar with us.

So why do we want to measure NQ? Successful people have one thing in common, their network is very wide and whenever they need to get certain things done, their help is just a phone call away.

Now then, in order to widen your network, you will need to socialize by joining special interest groups, by doing volunteer work or maybe by organising events. This way, you will be introduced to different people who will then introduce you to their friends and this will keep going on until you have a very large network.

However, it's never easy to maintain this large network. You will need to communicate with your network frequently and must be able to retain their interest.

With that, i hope you have learn a new idea today and hope that you'll be able to increase your NQ.

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Insurance! Do you need it?

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Insurance is all you have in the event of crisis. It will be the only thing you can depend on to tide you through. No one will want to be in a crisis! However, you will need to be prepared for them. You wouldn't want to be stuck in a crisis with no one to help you. Thus, you will need to help yourself by buying insurance in order to be insured against the unknown.

There are lots of insurance available in the market, from life insurance, term insurance to Motorcycle Insurance, whatever you can think of, you can buy insurance for it.

I personally think that you need to get the right plan for yourself as different people have different needs and thus, there's no one size fits all insurance that you can purchase.

Thus, it's very important that you plan for it carefully and make sure you can commit to the premium payments, otherwise, it would be money wasted.

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Thought of the day ~ You are what you speak

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Today, i officially joined the toastmasters club where i will be able to practise my speaking skills and use the less frequently used portion of my brain.

In the working world, you are what you speak or write. If you got a brilliant idea, what's of use if you can't communicate your idea to another person. It's as if you got no idea to begin with. Thus, in order to influence, you must be able to persuade and communicate well.

With toastmasters, i believe i will be able to achieve it eventually. When a toastmaster speak, people listens! I must be able to speak like them in 1-2 years time.

That is the target i have for myself.

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Surfboard warehouse

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I chanced upon recently and found that the site is very comprehensive with lots of designs and ideas on surfboard. It really lives up to its name of thesurfboardwarehouse surfboard bags, fins, as well as leashes. It's really a one-stop site for all your surfboarding needs.

Other than the massive amount of products available, the site is very neat and clean with bright colours and very inviting looks. The company is based in tampa, florida which is full of nice beaches and great waves.

The best deal is that they offer free shipping within continental US. So, don't wait any further just visit

May the best surfer wins!

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Work Smart not Work Hard? Work Smart and be Hardworking?

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Tonight i am going to start a new section call thought of the day. Here, before i go to slp, i will post about an idea i thought of in the day. For a start, i want to talk about working smart and working hard.

Working smart means you get the same job done at a faster pace due to innovative ideas or process. Working hard on the other hard means completing the same job using proven ideas or process. Being hardworking means you are not lazy and will do more than necessary to ensure you meet your objectives.

Imagine you are in a pie eating competition. By working hard stuffing the pie into your mouth, you may finish the pie in 10 mins. However, if you start working smart, you may finish the pie in 8mins by swallowing one small chunk at a time instead of filling the whole mouth and getting choke on pie and wasting 2 mins clearing your throat. Imagine yourself being hardworking and working smart? You'll definitely be the winner of the pie eating competition!!

By working smart, you manage to complete tasks faster than usual. Then instead of relaxing the extra time away, you should be hardworking and take on more tasks. This way, you will be able to excel in whatever you are doing and you will definitely perform better than your peers.

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Facebook ~ The biggest thing invented after the internet!

3 comments - Post a comment <-- how many of us don't have an account there? I guess not too many. I myself have tried facebook and the fact that 100s of applications and adds-on are created by the hour means that you will never run out of things to do at facebook.

From throwing sheeps at your friends, to doing quizzes together, anything you could think of, you can do at facebook. Even things you never thought of will make it into facebook and you can amuse yourself everyday by looking at all the funny apps created.

Facebook has become the talk of the day. Even uncles and aunties who never touch a computer much less the internet before, is getting on facebook and sending virtual flowers and throwing sheeps around. Some even starting biting, attacking others and recruiting vampires and werewolves.

Facebook's popularity will definitely grow stronger and everyone in this world will be on facebook. Who knows, maybe your microwave oven and fridge maybe on facebook as well.

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What's up with Oysters??

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Think you know oysters? You better think again! Oysters are not just good as food, it can produce quite a lot of stuff. As all of you know, oysters produce pearls. But do you know that oysters can produce charcoal, diamond, and even carrots? Don't believe me? Haha. You can get charcoal from diamond by cooking it for longer than usual. :P After you get charcoal, pressurize it long enough and you will get diamond. Then how about carrots? How do you get carrots from oysters?

Haha, the carrot is just there to get your attention. Any way, jokes aside, although Guess what i learnt about Gulf oysters at They are the best oysters around with high tech processing methods to ensure safer alternatives to traditional raw oysters.

But why should you get Gulf oysters? In order to know more, do visit for a better understanding of the risks involved.

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How much time did you give your blog?

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Is blogging a hobby? or is blogging a sideline? or is blogging a way for you to express your thoughts? After you answered that question, how much time should you devote to your blog?

Personally, this blog does all three of the above and thus, the time i devote to my blog is not as much as i would like it to be. This blog, not being the priority in my life is something i would like to change!

I am guilty as charged in not devoting my attention and time to this blog for quite some time. It's is always a struggle trying to focus on my main job or on this blog. More often than not, the former gets the most attention. So, how now should i focus more on this blog?

1) Spend the last ten minutes before i go to sleep to write a thought of the day.

2) Think of how frustrated my readers will be when they visit my site to find that there's nothing new.

3) Pen down any interesting event during the day and type it out when i get online.

Hopefully, i will regain the momentum i lost, and bring to you fresh and new stuff every day.

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Making life easier in managing your business

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It's always everyone's dream to start a business and make it big in the business world. As part of every business, you will definitely need to do some printing. Every interaction with your clients, suppliers, all requires you to print. Thus, you'll definitely need the best printer in order to make your work a breeze.

Dymo printers can help you achieve it, from printing postage stamps, to custom labels, whatever you can think of, there's a printer for it. Imagine the savings you get from printing online stamps.

You can even print addresses and paste it on your outgoing envelopes. It will be very impressive to your clients instead of a handwritten address. It will also minimize errors in the postman not being able to read the handwriting of your staff.

The fast and effective printers from dymo is definitely the choice for you company.

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