Facebook ~ The biggest thing invented after the internet!

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www.facebook.com <-- how many of us don't have an account there? I guess not too many. I myself have tried facebook and the fact that 100s of applications and adds-on are created by the hour means that you will never run out of things to do at facebook.

From throwing sheeps at your friends, to doing quizzes together, anything you could think of, you can do at facebook. Even things you never thought of will make it into facebook and you can amuse yourself everyday by looking at all the funny apps created.

Facebook has become the talk of the day. Even uncles and aunties who never touch a computer much less the internet before, is getting on facebook and sending virtual flowers and throwing sheeps around. Some even starting biting, attacking others and recruiting vampires and werewolves.

Facebook's popularity will definitely grow stronger and everyone in this world will be on facebook. Who knows, maybe your microwave oven and fridge maybe on facebook as well.

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