Insurance! Do you need it?

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Insurance is all you have in the event of crisis. It will be the only thing you can depend on to tide you through. No one will want to be in a crisis! However, you will need to be prepared for them. You wouldn't want to be stuck in a crisis with no one to help you. Thus, you will need to help yourself by buying insurance in order to be insured against the unknown.

There are lots of insurance available in the market, from life insurance, term insurance to Motorcycle Insurance, whatever you can think of, you can buy insurance for it.

I personally think that you need to get the right plan for yourself as different people have different needs and thus, there's no one size fits all insurance that you can purchase.

Thus, it's very important that you plan for it carefully and make sure you can commit to the premium payments, otherwise, it would be money wasted.

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