Las Vegas, the place with the most fun

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Las Vegas is such a fun place to be in. I was there for 3 days and i almost stayed there for life. I stayed in wild wild west which is cheaper but slightly further away from the main strip.

Every casino in LV has its own theme ranging from circus, to new york, to medieval. No two casinos are the same in LV. The services provided is also top notch with free drinks available when you play at the casino. From this free service, i am able to get to taste different cocktails from magaritas to mai tai. It's especially tempting to play at a 1-cents slots and wait for the servers to pass by to get free cocktails.

Grand Canyon is quite near to LV and thus is a must see place whenever you are in LV. You can tour grand canyon either through a helicopter which give you fascinating views, or you can take a coach to some points where it is specially built to allow you to view the more interesting features of the grand canyon.

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