What's up with Oysters??

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Think you know oysters? You better think again! Oysters are not just good as food, it can produce quite a lot of stuff. As all of you know, oysters produce pearls. But do you know that oysters can produce charcoal, diamond, and even carrots? Don't believe me? Haha. You can get charcoal from diamond by cooking it for longer than usual. :P After you get charcoal, pressurize it long enough and you will get diamond. Then how about carrots? How do you get carrots from oysters?

Haha, the carrot is just there to get your attention. Any way, jokes aside, although Guess what i learnt about Gulf oysters at beoysteraware.com? They are the best oysters around with high tech processing methods to ensure safer alternatives to traditional raw oysters.

But why should you get Gulf oysters? In order to know more, do visit http://beoysteraware.com for a better understanding of the risks involved.

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