Work Smart not Work Hard? Work Smart and be Hardworking?

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Tonight i am going to start a new section call thought of the day. Here, before i go to slp, i will post about an idea i thought of in the day. For a start, i want to talk about working smart and working hard.

Working smart means you get the same job done at a faster pace due to innovative ideas or process. Working hard on the other hard means completing the same job using proven ideas or process. Being hardworking means you are not lazy and will do more than necessary to ensure you meet your objectives.

Imagine you are in a pie eating competition. By working hard stuffing the pie into your mouth, you may finish the pie in 10 mins. However, if you start working smart, you may finish the pie in 8mins by swallowing one small chunk at a time instead of filling the whole mouth and getting choke on pie and wasting 2 mins clearing your throat. Imagine yourself being hardworking and working smart? You'll definitely be the winner of the pie eating competition!!

By working smart, you manage to complete tasks faster than usual. Then instead of relaxing the extra time away, you should be hardworking and take on more tasks. This way, you will be able to excel in whatever you are doing and you will definitely perform better than your peers.

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