Europe walk walk walk

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Europe's most popular cities and places to stay for leisure or business includes Paris , London , Manchester and Birmingham. How nice it would be if i am able to travel to all these places. Every city has its own attractions and every city will take me at least one week to slowly see all the attractions. There's the famous Eiffel tower in paris, London Bridge in london, man u in manchester, and the Birmingham art museum.

I would definitely want to visit all these places and more in europe. The experience would be wonderful.

If you are thinking of where to stay in all these cities, you can stay in

Paris Hotels

London Hotels

Birmingham Hotels

Manchester Hotels

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The Blue Man ~ Paul Karason

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Wonder if you have seen the story about "The Blue Man", the guy who according to the news became blue due to colloidal silver. To cut the long story short, it was a major disinformation produced by a PR firm and paid for by a pharmaceutical interest. The fact is that guy did consume silver but it was ionic silver or silver protein and NOT colloidal silver.

Any way, the main point is that we should not fully trust what's in the news to be the truth. It maybe true to a certain extend but there's usually a hidden agenda behind it. It may be the media manipulating the public or it may be the reporter having his own agenda. It could even be a miscommunication or a 1/2 truth. This just teaches us to take whatever we see on the news with a pinch of salt.

Then is colloidal silver really all that wonderful for you? Colloid means silver particles, not silver ions, so before you determine the usefulness of colloidal silver, you'll need to understand what is meant be colloid. If it's real colloidal silver then it's beneficial to you, else you'll just become Mr Blue.

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NFR ~ Catch the cowboys and cowgirls in action!

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The National Finals Rodeo, organized by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, is the premier championship rodeo event in the United States. The NFR is held every year in the first full week of December, at the Thomas & Mack Center on the campus of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It will definitely be an event worth waiting for as you imagine yourself sweating over the riders. There will be 8 champions waiting to be crown at the end of the NFR. The events are Bareback riding, Steer wrestling, Team roping, Saddle bronc riding, Tie-down roping, Bull riding, and Barrel racing (the only event exclusive to women). If you count properly, you will find that there's only 7 events. So where did the 8th champion came from? It's actually from the Team Roping event where, since 1995, the PRCA awards separate championships to the top "header" and "heeler".

In order to ensure you have the tickets to the WNFR Tickets, you'll need to book early to avoid any disappointment.

I would definitely want to attend this NFR as it's not everyday that we get to see people riding a horse or a bull. What we see everyday is just metal machines moving on the road. We have totally lost touch with nature. The NFR will be one of the few opportunities where we'll have a chance to be close to nature and feel the excitement at the same time.

I wonder if you are feeling the same way as i do but even if you are not a nature person, it's great to be in a competitive atmosphere where the audience cheers for the participants. The feeling and experience you get live in the stadium is totally amazing.

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Ikariam ~ A online graphical strategy game

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I was introduced to a nice online game at which is a time-based strategy game which is very graphical. Normally online web-based games are text based with lots of figures and texts but very little picture. ikariam is very different; not only is it very graphical, there's quite a lot of things you can do in the game. You'll have to determine how much gold or wood you want. Then, you'll have to decide what to research and how much to spend on research. It's really an interesting strategy game as you try different configuration to achieve maximum growth in the fastest time.

Once you are ready, you'll be able to attack other online users to pillage their resources and grow even quicker. However, you'll have to strive to achieve another balance between attack and defense.

Overall, it's an interesting game to try and it won't take up too much of your time as you'll just have to click some pictures to get growing while you wait for the research or attack to be completed.

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Get rid of bad debts!

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What to do with all the debts mounting up to the sky? is a leading comparison website for people with bad credit -- featuring credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and much more. You can apply for the offer that's right for you, and by making timely payments you can start down the road toward rebuilding your bad credit credit cards debts and, perhaps, your future.

In order to get rid of bad credit loans, you'll need to have a very specific plan in order to win the fight against the interest rates. You will need to turn the table round and make interest work for you instead of against you.

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Throw away your spectacles for Prefect eyesight

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Technology is so advance today that we can correct short-sightedness in a matter of mins. The procedures are getting safer and the doctors are getting more experienced. provides you with more information on the lasik procedures and present survey results on patients who have gone through the surgery.

It's always important to find the best doctors for your eyes as your eyes are very delicate and important in our everyday life. No matter what we do, we'll need our eyes in order to work properly. Therefore, you must really have all the correct information in order to make informed decision.

FDA Lasik has been surveyed and the results are very encouraging as most of the patients recover their perfect eyesight after the procedures with only a small percentage of people having complications.

Thus, if you need a good source of information for your lasik procedures, you can turn to

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Be #1 on google and yahoo!

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Hope the title catches your attention as it did mine. :) I was surfing the net and found that is offering to get your site to #1 position for the 5 keywords that you choose for FREE in 120 days. You are correct! It's FOC! I wonder how they man
insert blockquoteage to do it but according to the website, they are in BETA stage and thus, as a method to get more membership base, they are offering this free service till end of Apr. It would definitely be great if my site is able to be #1.

it's almost the end of april now so, hurry and signup before you need to pay for the service.

You can sign up here.

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How to play poker on a mac?

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Search for poker online on google and you'll find a list of poker site. However, most of them will be PC based and you'll need to search deeper for mac based poker.

Mac Poker is offered at which list all online poker providers that mac users can play on. The site is pretty detailed which a short introduction to the various sites. It also provides a ratings so you can know which are the better site to play at.

Do exercise caution when playing poker as you wouldn't want to lose everything in your life. Extremists are not encouraged.

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Help for those trying for a baby.

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IVF1 is an in vitro fertilization and PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) center located in Chicago and Naperville, Illinois. Fertility specialist, Dr. Randy Morris, helps couples understand and resolve infertility issues.

The technique of in vitro is the technique of performing a given experiment in a controlled environment outside of a living organism. This lead to IVF which as describe in wiki as:

In vitro fertilization[1] (IVF) is a technique in which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the woman's womb, in vitro. IVF is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilised egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient's uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy.

This technique offers women a chance at pregnancy where there wasn't any in the past. It's a really great discovery and childless couple now has one more hope of having a baby.

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Where to get money for your short term needs?

7 comments - Post a comment offers you Business Loans, debt consolidation, working capital and all sort of financial services to satify your financial needs.

Once in a while, we will run into some kind of financial problem. Without the help of loan, we will not be able to survive and tide through all the problems. offers you help in the fastest possible way at the shortest possible time. That's what really matters! The ability to render help using the fastest possible method is what determines you survive or die.

However, we must not be overly dependant on these financial service provider. The easier it is for you to get money, the faster you'll spent it and the harder it is for you to repay eventually. So, carefully planning and consideration for all factors is required. Thus, it's not as easy as just clicking a few buttons and getting the money.

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Sleep Profiler!

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Sleep is very important part of our life. Only with a good sleep can you perform at your best at work or in your studies. Check out my sleep profile here. Although my profile is not the model profile, at least it's not the worst. If i can make it better, then i can perform better.

Here's another memory test from bbc as well. Check out my score here.

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Lock your life! Keep it Safe!

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There's always a need to let others know that you are who you are. It's pretty straight forward if nothing goes wrong. You'll just have to show your driver's license or your passport and your identity can be identified.

However, what should you do when someone else is using your identity? How can you prove that you are who you really are? It makes matters worst when someone else if doing something bad and you'll need to get back your good name.

Your answer is lifelock. offers you a one million dollars gurantee on top of securing your identity and good name.

In this internet connected world, all your information is on the internet and any one can easily pass themselves off as someone else. You really need an expert to ensure your good name, reputation and honour.

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Stumble Upon ~ Make a better DVR out of an old PC

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Another stumble upon site for today. The site is a very nice blog teaching you how to create your very own DVR out of an old pc and some other cheap components.

It's amazing what you can do with an old PC. So, if you have a old PC laying around, search the internet for ways to revive your old PC instead of throwing it away. You are saving the earth and your pocket by reusing your old PC.

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Stumble Upon ~ flickrvision! A new way of looking at flickr

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Stumbling is always fun as the site it churns out is very interesting. makes uses of google map to display the latest photo upload to flickr. Looking at the website is really interesting as you see the map moving here and there from country to country as members upload their photos to flickr.

At first, i didn't know what the site is about and only when i explore further did i find out that the photos are actually updated almost live from

Kudos to David Troy for creating the site.

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Time to move!

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Everyone experiences moving at one time or another in our lifetime. Moving is really part and parcel of life as we move on to a larger house. I had already shifted many times in my life. I shifted to my university hostel, and overseas for an exchange programme. Everytime, it's a pain as i pack my stuff into several bags and moving the heavy bags is another problem. If you move interstate, that's an even bigger problem as you'll need to transport your stuff over huge distances.

There's help now! offers careful moving of your stuff from your home to another place. You can get a quote from them by letting them know how much stuff you are shifting and where you are shifting.

You really need a good mover to help you in your moving. Otherwise, all your stuff may be damaged due to improper handling. What's worst is that it might be lost in transit.

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Amazing bar tricks

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Another amazing site with free video tutorials on bar tricks @ The tricks are amazing and will truly amaze your friends at any clubbing session.

Bottlecap Trick - Cool Bar Bet !! - video powered by Metacafe

Freeze A Beer In Two Seconds - video powered by Metacafe

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Updates to Million Blog List

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Just yesterday i was #706 but today, i suddenly became #707 and there's now 770 blogs. That's an increase of 70 blogs a day. Wow, it's amazing how viral marketing works. Looking at my feedjit widget, i believe some of my readers have visited million blog list and may have added their blog to the list as well. If you are one of them, thank you very reading my post and adding your blog to the list.

Any way, i was hoping that i got #707 as the number is nicer than #706 and suddenly, i am at #707 today. My thoughts must have manifest itself. The power of the Law of Attraction. I have been introduced to this new idea and i'll be blogging about it in the near future.

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Share your photo and make money at the same time

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Sounds too good to be true? How can you share photos and get paid for sharing? I came across this website as i was randomly surfing the net. is offering $0.22 for every 1000 unique views. Thus, the more photos you upload, the more views you'll get and the more money you'll make. The minimum payout is $20 and is paid through paypal.

So, if you need to share your photos with your friends, why not do it at here and earn some money at the same time.

You can check out my gallery of nice food photo here.

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The Million Blog List ~ I am #706

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As i was site hopping, i came across a pretty interesting experiment. A aims to find out how long it takes for 1,000,000 blog to get listed on the site. The site uses the wiki template and code to allow blog owners to add their blogs to the wiki. I am #706

I guessed that it will take between 1 - 3 months to complete this goal. As the site was started on 10 Apr, and there's 706 blogs added in just 10 days, going at the same rate, it will take a few months. However, as more of readers of the blog listed add their own blog to the list. The exponential growth rate will possible enable the site to meets its target in 1 - 3 months time.

To add your blog to the list, do visit

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Yet another Cash Advance!

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There's a lot of cash advance services available in the internet and all of them want a share of the lucrative finance sector. Cash Advance is really a loan for you to tide over some crisis in your life. However, there's no free lunch in this world and thus, you'll need to pay interests for your loan. The benefits must outweighs the interests before you even consider any loan.

Personal Loans are alway simple to get but difficult to pay back. You must be able to service your loan on time, otherwise you will end up paying large amount of interest.

The Complete Loan Source offers you a one-stop access for all your financial needs. There's debt consolidation, auto loan, payday loan, cash advance, and payday advance. Instant processing with no credit check involved is the selling point of this site. With all loans service, do exercise caution when taking a loan.

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Making money with

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While surfing the net, i came across another website's attempt to monetize the internet. They are offering $0.01 for viewing advertisers website for 30 seconds. Advertisers are charged $19.10 for 1000 views. So, the site is earning $0.0191 per view. Subtracting the $0.01 they are give you, the site is actually earning $0.0091. Wait a minute! How about referrals? For each referrals viewing the 30s site, they are paying an additional $0.01. So effectively, for each view, the website is paying $0.02; subtracting the $0.0191 per view, the site is making a loss of $0.0009.

There's also the premium membership @ $59 per year. With a guaranteed 20 ads per day, $0.25/pay times 365 days gives you, $91.25. Thus, if you click everyday, you will get back $32.25. A pretty low return isn't it. The amount will increase exponential if your referrals are increasing exponentially. Hmm .. can the site survive?

Probably, the site is earning from some other tie-up with alertpay. The referral program from alerypay is paying up to $10 for referrals who transacts(sending/receiving) $250 online. So probably, is waiting for their members to transact up to $250 to get the $10 referrals. Now, that would be a substantial amount that could cover the $0.0009 loss per page view.

The selling of unrefereed members could also be earning the site money. These members might or might not be surfing the ads. Thus, the risks is transfered to the buyers. If they are active members, the buyer will rejoice but if they are not. The buyers could only bang their head.

Probably, the site is surviving in the short term as since they are paying you $0.01 for 30s of your time. I think it's pretty worthwhile to sign up for it and refer to your friends.

You can sign up for it @ and let me take an extra $0.01 from the site.

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The benefits of goji berries

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Goji berries is the popular products in the medical world now. Some of the benefits of goji berries are it is high in antioxidants and has 4 Polysaccharides. But what does it really mean? Anti oxidants will enable you to look younger and feel more energetic. It also supports cardiovascular health and improve immune support.

According to Dr. Earl Mindell: "This Goji fruit is quite possibly the most nutritionally dense food on earth! Goji Juice has more powerful benefits on health, well-being and anti-aging than any other product I have seen in the last 40 years."
Thus, you should try and eat some Goji Berries in order to enjoy better health and younger looks.

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Atlanta ~ The place to be.

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I was in Atlanta for 6 months. It was fun and exciting to be in Atlanta. The buildings are all very high tech as it's a city. There's a lot of thing to do in Atlanta. You can visit the coca-cola museum to see how the history of coca-cola and how the company was form in the beginning. There's also a mock-up of shops selling coke in the past. At the end of the tour you'll have free flow of soft drinks manufactured by coca-cola.

The huge Atlanta Underground also provides an endless shopping opportunities. The food court there also let you sample their food which is a pretty nice way of marketing their food. There's also Domino Pizza in Atlanta and the pizzas there are cheap and good.

It was a really great time being in Atlanta for 6 months. The sports facilities are fantastic and are of Olympic grade as the Olympic was held in Atlanta in 1996.

As i was there for 6 months, i can do a self-guided tour as i source for information on the internet. If you are just going to Atlanta for a short sightseeing tours, you should sign up with Trusted Tours & Attractions who offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America like Miami Seaquarium

For a limited time only, sign up for their newsletter and stand a chance to win a handheld GPS.

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UMPC ~ The next big thing

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I think that UMPC is going to be the next big thing. The size and price of the machine is just right for on the road warriors who hate the small screen of the handphone and hate the bulkiness of a laptop. The UMPC is the best for this group of people. Personally although i do not have a UMPC, i would definitely like to have one.

The specs are going up and the price is going down. The cheapest is ASUS eePC who is going for less than $300. It runs on the linux operating system and is able to go online wirelessly and it comes with quite a suite of built-in software that is good enough for your everyday needs.

Maybe i will get one of these eePC soon.

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NFL picks

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National Football League! The league of the year! How great would it be if someone could offer you picks for NFL. offers you nfl picks in the form of a forum. There's quite a lot of registered users and thus, the forum is quite active and you will surely find your picks. Other than NFL, they also talk about baseball fantasy league.

Having so many league not just generate revenue for the clubs, the punters are the one having the last laugh as they are the one betting and maybe winning from the league.

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Thought of the day ~ Leadership

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What does it mean to lead? John C. Maxwell describe leadership as the amount of influence you have. The more influence you have, the better your leadership quality. I truly agree with his idea as being a good leader means you need to be influential. The people you lead must be willing to be lead by you. So why should any one be willing to follow you?

That's what we have to learn. How to get people to follow you?? The most important way is to read up books on leadership and think through how you can make use of the ideas found in the books and turn yourself into an influential person.

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Bright up your life!

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I am literally asking you to bright up your life. :) Lightings really makes your home more cosy and bright. However, depending on your home theme, you'll really need to pick the right type of lighting to fully utilize the effects it can offers. There's the energy saving type that produce the same amount of brightness and consume less energy while there are those energy monsters. offers you lots of choice from indoor designer lamp to outdoor ruggedized lamp post. There's also "fine art lamps" which you must have some artist blood in your before you can appreciate the design. "sea gull lighting" makes your wonder if the lighting are make to look like seagulls? But no, it's just a brand.

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Save on inks/toner for your office

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Printing has always been part and parcel of our life. In the early days, there was the dot-matrix printers which have to use special paper will holes at the side that seems to stretch forever unless you tear it. After that there's the inkjet printers which use cartridges of ink to print. Now, laser printer is so common that every office are already using them.

There's isn't a day that goes by without any printing. Students print their study notes and tutorial, employees print their reports to submit to their bosses. Everybody is printing every day. Thus, there's really a need to plan and think how you can save $$ since you have to print daily. provides discount supplies for printers and fax machines through coupons and links to discount sites. It's basically a review of all the suppliers and allowing you to choose and buy from the cheapest and best supplier.

Here, you can find coupons from carrot ink, ink grabber, and 123inkjets. Making use of discount coupons, you'll ensure you will be getting the cheapest deal you can find on the internet.

There's even tips on how to save ink. Making use of these tips, you'll be able to fully optimize your usage of ink and when you have to purchase new ink, will be able to help you buy the cheapest ink.

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Alexa Rank Increase!

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In the latest update from alexa, this blog has increased its ranking from 300K to 200K ... wow .. that's an improvement of 100K. I wonder if there's really more readers reading my blog now? Cause i don't see much comments from my readers base. Maybe my posts are too boring to be worth commenting. Any way, writing blog every day really gets my brain working by forcing myself to think of a new idea everyday. This keeps my brain going and now, i can generate an idea to blog about pretty quickly.

Maybe it's time to force myself to write two original post a day to get my brain working more. :) Till then, look out for my daily dose of rumblings.

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Game for a game?

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How long has it been since your last game? I haven't had my dose of games for quite some time. All my time have been spent on this blog or at work. Games like backgammon or blackjack has now become foreign to me.

If you are really into the game, you will definitely be reading the news about the game. In case you have not been reading, let me update you on some of them. One of the backgammon Masters is applying for Guinness Gamer World Record in Farthest Backgammon Dice Toss. I wonder if he can really do it. But i do hope he does and his name will then be recorded in the record.

Do you also want to have your name listed in the record? Any way, there's so many name inside the record that i think it's no longer a special privilege to be recorded. I think the status of the record has diminished over the years. There's too many no. 1 to remember.

Any way back to backgammon is really a game of strategy and memory. Basing on the initial dice roll, you can memorize the best moves for the roll and use it as your first move. Having a good start really helps a lot in backgammon.

Blackjack on the other hand is a bit more reliant on luck. However, some have manage to memorize the cards and thus able to guess which card is next and thus can make better informed choices to stand, hit or double.

Any way, enjoy a few games of backgammon and blackjack will make your life more interesting.

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Thought of the day ~ Where do ideas come from?

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Have you ever wonder how the many invention of products/services/ideas came about? How can something be created out of nothing?

I think that all the inventions are just creative way to solve existing problems. There will only be solutions if there are problems. So, all the inventions must be based on some problems.

Then how does all the problems come about? I think they come about because of other problems. In this complex world of ours, everything is interconnected. Every solution will bring about some problems which will be resolved by other solutions.

So next time someone tells you the world is boring, ask them to think again. :)

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Cavender's fashion products

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Talking about fashion reminds me of how fashion-less i am. I am a complete fashion fool who have no idea what is the most "in" thing to wear. However, as clueless as i am, i can tell that the products from cavender's range from western belts to wallets and bags to jewellery, are indeed very fashionable.

The cow boy hats and boots will definitely draw much attention to you if you are wearing them. People will look at you with awe!

Cavenders is all over TX, where all the cowboys roam. You can also buy online as they provide shipping throughout USA through UPS.

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Thought of the day~ A book a day keeps brain degeneration away

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We must learn to learn everyday. In this rapidly developing world, there's a constant need to keep improving yourself in order to keep pace with society. The minute you slow down and stop learning, you will find that the rest of society will speed past you leaving you way behind.

In order to constantly improve yourself, you will need to read. Constant reading will keep the brain working and prevent degeneration. Reading will also increase your knowledge and enable you to perform more efficiently and effectively.

The books you need to read are those books that improve your better skills. I believe that it's better to work on your good areas to make them the best instead of working on your poorer skills to make them better. The former will make you the best in your field while the latter will only make you better in your poorer ability.

Think about it. Do you want to be the best or do you want to be the normal person?

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Travel ~ Costa Rica

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View Larger MapWhat exactly is costa rica?? It's actually in the middle of Amercia. The link between North Amercia and South Amercia. The place where all the fun and nice music
are. Costa Rica resort is a very nice resort with a very nice website. The introductory music is pleasing to the ear and you wouldn't mind listening to it for the whole day. The flash design of the site is very appealing to the eyes and the clean neat layout is very desirable. There's also lots of picture for you to look at in order for you to visualize the resort in your mind.

The rates are not too expensive with the cheapest going for US$675 based on 2 person with transfer to and from tambor airstripe included. The site is alway easy to navigate around to quickly get all the required information.

I wonder when i'll have a chance to meet the locals of costa rica. Maybe the day will come soon, or maybe the day may never come.

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To rent or to buy?

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Ever thought of buying or renting a DVD but ended up not watching at all? It's a very common problem. The cost of renting a DVD sometimes most of the time does not warrants a purchase of the same DVD. However, in some cases, renting the DVD might cost more than buying one.

This will happen when you rent the DVD for more than a certain number of days. Company usually charge by day and thus, the longer the rent a DVD the higher the cost of rental. If you plot a graph, you'll see that there's a point when the rental and purchase cost the same. After this point, the purchase price will be stagnant while the rental price keeps increasing by the day.

Thus, if you really want to save some money. You should only rental if you intend to only watch the DVD once. Otherwise, it will be cheaper to just buy the DVD and watch in the comfort of your own house.

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Articles paid or free?

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How do you like your articles done? Paid or free? I personally prefers them free rather than paid. Any way, netizens are used to free things. Free emails accounts, free web hosting, free short domain, everything free, everybody likes. The same goes for articles, everybody likes them free.

However, most of the free articles lack depth and in-sights. They are written just to publicize the author. Thus, the more articles written, the better outreach of the author. It basically the law of probability. The more articles written, the higher the probability of anyone reading one of the works. Thus, reaching more people.

Thus, paid articles are still very sought after as the author puts in time and effort and expects to be renumerated for the hardwork.

Employee who blogs are actually contributing to the good of society by providing quality blog entries and informing the world about what's going on.

With the interconnectivity, it's no secret that blogs are fast becoming the main stream mass communication means. News spread through blogs like fire blaze through forest. I foresee that newspaper will no longer be printed but will be spread through blogs.

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Setting up a physical shop?

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Guess why i need to include the word "physical" in my blog title? I think you would have guessed it if you are reading this post. Yes! You are right! You and Me, we are both internet savvy and if i just said setting up a shop, you would probably be thinking of an online shop or a ebay shop or maybe an amazon shop.

Thus, i really need to include the word physical in my post! Although the internet is ever popular and online shop are sprouting our every seconds, the good old physical shop is still going strong, as we really want to feel some goods before we actually buys them. What's the most important thing in the physical shop? I would think it is the POS system. Only with this system can you sell and keep track of your stocks and finance properly.

There really isn't any need to buy new one as a Refurbished point of sale does the same job for a cheaper price. By the time you machine life is over, it's about time you upgrade to a better machine due to expansion.

Therefore, refurbished pos is really the way to go for your new business. With a lower startup cost, you can reach your break even point faster. One of the brand you should look out for is ibm surepos pos which is a better pos for your business.

Do look up their website for more details

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What's your dream house?

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Living in a nice big house is the dream of everyone. Who won't want to live in a house with a swimming pool, a fountain in your front yard, and a garage for 5 maybe 10 cars? I would definitely want to live in one. The kids will be even happier if their playground is just within your home compound. American Home Craft provides you with the design for your dream house.

Having completed several projects, you can see that their work is quality stuff. You can definitely trust them to deliver your dream house.

I always wonder what it's like to live in a house as i am only living in an apartment. Wonder when i'll have the chance to live in a house with my very own garden where i can water the plants and walk the dog every day.

For those who are already living in one. I congratulate you and hope that you are enjoying yourself in such a wonderful house.

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The latest craze, spreeing in Singapore

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It's interesting to see how spreeing has become so popular in Singapore. However, if you look at the geographical details of Singapore, you will understand why spreeing is so popular. Due to the limited land size, Singapore's populations need to look overseas for the best deals. Having broadband access to the Internet, enables them to quickly source the best deal on the internet.

However, international shipping rates are extremely high and thus, the idea of spreeing was born. Grouping together to share the shipping costs really brings down the total cost of the item. The basis of spree lies on the trust with the organiser. The organiser of the spree will make orders on behalf of the participants after they make payments. Thus, there isn't any gurantee that the organiser will really deliver your goods after you made payments.

So, how can you make sure that you will definitely get your goods after making payments? You'll need to do some research and look at reviews of the organiser. From there, you'll be able to make informed decision on which organiser to go to. There's definitely be more than one organiser for a particular brand.

One such directory that tries to list all the available spree site can be found @ The site is based on wordpress with the ability to review listed spree organiser through the comments system.

With these reviews and ratings, you'll be able to know which organiser is good and which organiser is not so good.

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What is

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From my feedjit widget, i came across quite a few traffic coming from i had no idea why there are traffic coming from this site and i don't remember adding my blog to the site. Maybe i have have included it but forgotten about it. Anyway, i am glad and very happy that i am getting quite a bit of traffic from and thus, i feel that it is right that i write a post about them. :)

Although the layout of the site is very simple. It performs it's role and purpose as a traffic generator very well. How else will my feedjit widget reports traffic coming from :P

After reading more, i found out that the owner was the one who took the trouble of looking at all the 4000+ blogs in entrecard and generating the list on the site. He must be very patient to perform this feat. I would have run out of gas at the 100th blog.

Thank for bringing traffic to my site!

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Hawaii ~ My dream island!

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I definitely love to visit Hawaii for the best holiday i ever wanted. The beach is nice, the straw dress looks cool, and the sun is great! The clear blue water makes me so want to soak in it! It would be heavenly for me to scuba dive to look at the cute little creatures of the sea.

You can check out Hawaii Travel Blog for more details about Hawaii.

Oahu will also be a place you must visit when you are at Hawaii. It one of the more popular area to stay in as the accommodation there is good and convenient. You should definitely check out Oahu Vacation Information for more information on Oahu. This should definitely be the first stop of your visit to Hawaii.

At Oahu, how do you know which is the best place to stay at? No fear! The information is available at Oahu vacation rentals. Here, you'll be able to compare all the different resorts available and find the one you like the most.

Hopefully, i will be able to visit Hawaii in the near future. If you have any pictures to share with us, do leave a comment with links to your site.

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Skateboarding needs: answered, finally!

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How many of you love skateboarding? I love skateboarding as well! However, i can't skate! I only love watching the pros do their tricks twisting and turning in mid-air. It's very exciting and cool to look at the pros do it. It's heart wenching to see them test their limits by going at top speed and suddenly jumping up the air and do a three sixty.

As with all sports, you will need good equipment in order to perform. Without any good equipment, the stunts wouldn't be able to be presented at its highest potential. provides all your skateboarding needs, from Destructo to dogtown to zero, basically any brands you like, you can find in there.

There's also complete all-in-one package to get your started immediately or you can customized every single part to be unique and special amongst your peers. Furthermore, if you buy more than $150, your items will be shipped for free within USA.

Check out for the best your money can buy.

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Entrecard Offer!

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Want more credits? Just drop a card!

To encourage website/blogs with lower ratings to drop more card, I am inviting entrecard site/blog with less than 50 credits to advertise on their site/blog to drop a card on my blog and leave a comment here. Then, i will advertise on your blog. I have about 1000 credits to give away, so 1000/50 gives me 20 person who will benefits from this campaign.

Good luck :P

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Zookoda ~ The ultimate email newletter software!

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If you ever tried starting your very own newsletter, you will understand how tedious it was to layout your newsletter and sending them out to your mailing list. If you forget to send, your readers will miss one episode of your newsletter. You'll also have trouble sorting our your mailing list and getting new subscribers. Now, there's a solution! offers an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers and webmaster alike. It also enables you to send emails daily, monthly and even weekly to your subscribers.

The interface at is very clean and neat with glossy glass button which is the fave nowadays. The step-by-step setup approach is very easy to follow and by just following the steps diligently, you'll be able to send out your very first newsletter in no time. The custom layout designer also enables you to design your newsletter to match your website theme. This will portrays a professional image of your website/blog.

After setting up your blog, you'll be able to create subscriptions form to place on your website/blog. Without this front line interaction with your visitors, you'll never get any signups. Thus, it's best that you place more time on creating a good form. Since the site is free, you must make full use of it to promote your site.

It's really amazing how technology have evolved. Just a few years ago, nobody would have thought that it's possible to automatically send email to a group of people. Nobdy would have thought that processors would go into multiple cores. I wonder what will computers be like in the future if we are still going at this rate of research.

Although people usually associate free stuffs as inferior stuffs, must not be mistaken as inferior goods. The services they provide, the clean and neat layout really makes you want to revisit the site.
Sponsored by Zookoda

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Facebook Apps ~ What happen to my first application?

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Remember my previous post about facebook app? I wanted to get started in creating one but it didn't happen. The only app i did was the tutorial demo application which is a very simple "Hello World" application.

There's so many things facebook api can do but there's not much idea i can come up with to build an app. I wonder how others came up with so many innovative ideas. How should i get started in generating ideas?

Maybe i should start a post on ideas. Maybe that'll work. :P

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The design of your website makes or breaks your site

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Seriously, the very first impression of your website lasts very long and determines if you will ever get a repeat visit. But what exactly does the web browsers see first? Using HTTP protocol the website will be sent to your web browser which will interpret the code and display accordingly. Thus, having a good design doesn't mean anything unless your visitor browsers can support your code and display correctly. Otherwise, what you are seeing on your computer, may not be the same as what your visitor sees.

Furthermore, when there's so many different resolutions available for your visitor to choose, their resolution may not be the same as your working resolutions and thus, you will need to test your website on a few resolution to ensure that it still looks good. To make matter worst, there's normal screen and wide screen, CRT and LCD. Arrhhhh... how can your site design be good?

The only thing you can do is to get your friends to help you look at your site from their own computers. If they find it ok, then most probably your site is ok. Any way, think of looking good for 80% of your visitors. The 80 - 20 rules does apply here as well.

You'll only need to do 20% work to make your site good for 80% of your visitor.

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Building a house? Where's the plan?

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Are you thinking of building a house and not sure where or how to get started? Fear not, for your House Plans need, you can count on to find your dream house.

Building a house is easy, but building a home is not. Thus, you really need to discuss with your partner what kind of house both of you wants and what features both of you wants. You'll really need to strive a balance between all the features you want and the limited budget that you have. Only when you do a proper planning will your Home Plans be perfect and your marriage life will be blissful. has a lot of plans and search options. You can search by features, budget or even photos. Thus, no matter your requirements, you can easily make use of the site to find exactly what you want. From cabin/cottage houseplan to contemporary houseplan to Log home plans there's really too much choice for you that you will find it difficult to balance features and budget. The trick to this issue will be to priorities your desired features and choose only the top few your budget allows. In addition, always plan additional spaces here and there to allow you to add new features in the future.

Remember to future-proof your house.

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We are full of *hit!

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As our world improves and more people get richer, a lot of diseases starts creeping into our life quietly. There's the obesity issues where too much good foods leads to weight management issues. Pollution also adds unwanted elements into our body and thus, our body is not as good as it used to be.

High blood pressure is result of the highly stressful work life that we are so used to. Diabetes is a result of too much softdrinks and sugar. Due to the lack of time to exercise, our body is slowing down and taking a toll on our health.

Thus, our body really needs some detoxifications to get rid of all the rubbish building up inside our poor body. One of the way you can try is Colon Cleanse which will resolve symptoms such as Body Odor, Poor Appetite, Weight problems, Foul Breath, Backaches, Lack of energy, Bloating, Mood swings, Occasional Constipation, Weak immune system.

You must learn to take care of your body so that you body can take care of you. It's a personal responsibility that not just affects you, but all your loved ones.

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Website Directory in a Niche Market

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How can you start a website directory in a niche market? I have been exploring this question for quite a while. In this world of the internet, everything under the sky can be found on the internet. being one of the most popular search engine in the internet is highly utilize but highly general.

However, the english language is a special language. A word or phrase in different context would have entirely different meanings. Thus, searching for something can be agonizing in google. In addition, some words are location bias and thus, different location entails different meaning for the same word.

Thus, i think that's a market for contextual search facilities. The result will be bias towards your desire instead of returning what google thinks is popular and thus you should be looking for it as well.

However, there's always limitation to this approach as it's very tedious to sort out the massive amount of information on the internet to view only the relevant one.

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Real Estate Crisis? Maybe not!

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Although the whole world is thinking that the real estate market in us will crash, i beg to differ. There's a saying in the stock market that the best time to get into the market is when the rest is going out. Now that everyone is out of the real estate market, it's now time to enter the market and go for a bargain shopping grabbing all the sales items.

While you are looking at great property at discounted price, you must keep in mind that you need a lawyer to settle all the legal stuff for you. You can look at philadelphia lawyers to assist you. If you think you can DIY, you should think again. The knowledge and experience of the lawyers are what you do not have. They are doing it daily in a professional way while you are only doing it once in a while. The time and effort you put in to do the same job will be much more than what the lawyers need. Thus, spend some money and leave the work to the experts.

They also provide many services to help you in your injuries claims, auto accident, medical malpractise. If you need additional help, you can just always discuss with them. Help is just a phone call away.

There's too much things we need to know in this complicated world that we can't possibly know all of them. Thus, we always need to exchange money for knowledge and expertise. Everyone is best in their own field, you just need to hunt for the right person to get the best value for money.

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Facebook money making ideas?

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How do you make money from facebook? There's so many idea for facebook apps and they are all free. So why should anybody pay for facebook app when there's free apps around??

I have been thinking about this for a while and there's a few ways i thought of. One would be to offer premium paid services on top of basic free services. There will definitely be some who prefers premium services and is willing to pay for it

Another method would be through advertising on your facebook apps. Putting some ads there will generate some income base on PPC or PPV. However, people don't usually click on ads and thus, the income would be quite low.

If you have any methods to share, do feel free to left a comment and maybe we can collaborate and work toward a common goal.

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Where do you get the best domain??

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I just purchased a domain package from some other website at about US$70 per year, and I thought it was the best one I could find after looking at google for half a day. The list of domain provider goes on and on but the cheapest i can find is US$70. One day after, this website was introduced to me and it provides domain from US$11.95 per year. Along with every domain registration, some free stuffs listed below are provided.

24/7 Customer Support
FREE Email Hosting
FREE URL Forwarding
FREE Management Tools
FREE Domain Name Parking
FREE Member Account
FREE Renewal Reminders
FAST Domain Approval

Almost the same service as what I purchased. Now you can imagine how stupid I found I was. Luckily I still have some extra cash in hand, and I intended to buy another domain here since it’s so cheap. During domain registration
through,, paylessdomains website will tell you which domain name is already taken, and best part is it will suggest some similar available names and if you buy more, discounts are available to you too. After registration, you just follow instructions, step by step, such as

Provide personal information
Choose additional products
Double check info and accept Service agreement

Which are pretty convenient to use.

So, if you wish to purchase a domain, do consider this website because it’s cheap and good.

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Running out of ideas to blog?

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Ever heard of writers' block? Every writer encounter this blocking every now and then where creative juices runs dry and there's nothing to write about. However, with blogging, even without ideas, you can still blog. Cause you can talk about why you are having this block, like now.

I have no idea what to write before i begin this post and thus, this idea came into my head. To talk about writer's block. Usually writers overcome it by visiting new places, and experiencing new things. Blogger on the other hand does it by blogging about writer's block. Interesting, isn't it?

Just by writing about writer's block, i can add another 100 words to my list of posts. That's the benefit of blogging. The ability to write about the inability to write. :)

Think about it!

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Aim, Shoot & Hit !! Paintball Guns!!

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Playing paintball is one of the most interesting experience i ever had. Especially so when i am playing with a bunch of friends and teaming together to challenge other people. In order to be successful, we need good weapons and ammunition. In order to protect yourself, you'll also need some protective gears. The impact from a hit although not very great but will still hurt if you are without a vest. So where can you get cheap paintball guns ?? is the site you should go.

The site is very detailed with a very clean and neat layout. Most of the accessories can be brought from the site and there's even packages that will get you started with minimal fuss. From top selling guns - Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, Spyder Pilot ACS to mask, googles, vest, everything you will need, you can get from the site. Furthermore, they provide free shipping for all their products and thus, it's really easy and cheap to shop with them.

Why look further for any other paintball shop? For discount paintball items, is definitely the site to be at.

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