Articles paid or free?

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How do you like your articles done? Paid or free? I personally prefers them free rather than paid. Any way, netizens are used to free things. Free emails accounts, free web hosting, free short domain, everything free, everybody likes. The same goes for articles, everybody likes them free.

However, most of the free articles lack depth and in-sights. They are written just to publicize the author. Thus, the more articles written, the better outreach of the author. It basically the law of probability. The more articles written, the higher the probability of anyone reading one of the works. Thus, reaching more people.

Thus, paid articles are still very sought after as the author puts in time and effort and expects to be renumerated for the hardwork.

Employee who blogs are actually contributing to the good of society by providing quality blog entries and informing the world about what's going on.

With the interconnectivity, it's no secret that blogs are fast becoming the main stream mass communication means. News spread through blogs like fire blaze through forest. I foresee that newspaper will no longer be printed but will be spread through blogs.

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