Atlanta ~ The place to be.

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I was in Atlanta for 6 months. It was fun and exciting to be in Atlanta. The buildings are all very high tech as it's a city. There's a lot of thing to do in Atlanta. You can visit the coca-cola museum to see how the history of coca-cola and how the company was form in the beginning. There's also a mock-up of shops selling coke in the past. At the end of the tour you'll have free flow of soft drinks manufactured by coca-cola.

The huge Atlanta Underground also provides an endless shopping opportunities. The food court there also let you sample their food which is a pretty nice way of marketing their food. There's also Domino Pizza in Atlanta and the pizzas there are cheap and good.

It was a really great time being in Atlanta for 6 months. The sports facilities are fantastic and are of Olympic grade as the Olympic was held in Atlanta in 1996.

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