The Blue Man ~ Paul Karason

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Wonder if you have seen the story about "The Blue Man", the guy who according to the news became blue due to colloidal silver. To cut the long story short, it was a major disinformation produced by a PR firm and paid for by a pharmaceutical interest. The fact is that guy did consume silver but it was ionic silver or silver protein and NOT colloidal silver.

Any way, the main point is that we should not fully trust what's in the news to be the truth. It maybe true to a certain extend but there's usually a hidden agenda behind it. It may be the media manipulating the public or it may be the reporter having his own agenda. It could even be a miscommunication or a 1/2 truth. This just teaches us to take whatever we see on the news with a pinch of salt.

Then is colloidal silver really all that wonderful for you? Colloid means silver particles, not silver ions, so before you determine the usefulness of colloidal silver, you'll need to understand what is meant be colloid. If it's real colloidal silver then it's beneficial to you, else you'll just become Mr Blue.

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