The design of your website makes or breaks your site

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Seriously, the very first impression of your website lasts very long and determines if you will ever get a repeat visit. But what exactly does the web browsers see first? Using HTTP protocol the website will be sent to your web browser which will interpret the code and display accordingly. Thus, having a good design doesn't mean anything unless your visitor browsers can support your code and display correctly. Otherwise, what you are seeing on your computer, may not be the same as what your visitor sees.

Furthermore, when there's so many different resolutions available for your visitor to choose, their resolution may not be the same as your working resolutions and thus, you will need to test your website on a few resolution to ensure that it still looks good. To make matter worst, there's normal screen and wide screen, CRT and LCD. Arrhhhh... how can your site design be good?

The only thing you can do is to get your friends to help you look at your site from their own computers. If they find it ok, then most probably your site is ok. Any way, think of looking good for 80% of your visitors. The 80 - 20 rules does apply here as well.

You'll only need to do 20% work to make your site good for 80% of your visitor.

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