The latest craze, spreeing in Singapore

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It's interesting to see how spreeing has become so popular in Singapore. However, if you look at the geographical details of Singapore, you will understand why spreeing is so popular. Due to the limited land size, Singapore's populations need to look overseas for the best deals. Having broadband access to the Internet, enables them to quickly source the best deal on the internet.

However, international shipping rates are extremely high and thus, the idea of spreeing was born. Grouping together to share the shipping costs really brings down the total cost of the item. The basis of spree lies on the trust with the organiser. The organiser of the spree will make orders on behalf of the participants after they make payments. Thus, there isn't any gurantee that the organiser will really deliver your goods after you made payments.

So, how can you make sure that you will definitely get your goods after making payments? You'll need to do some research and look at reviews of the organiser. From there, you'll be able to make informed decision on which organiser to go to. There's definitely be more than one organiser for a particular brand.

One such directory that tries to list all the available spree site can be found @ The site is based on wordpress with the ability to review listed spree organiser through the comments system.

With these reviews and ratings, you'll be able to know which organiser is good and which organiser is not so good.

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