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While surfing the net, i came across another website's attempt to monetize the internet. They are offering $0.01 for viewing advertisers website for 30 seconds. Advertisers are charged $19.10 for 1000 views. So, the site is earning $0.0191 per view. Subtracting the $0.01 they are give you, the site is actually earning $0.0091. Wait a minute! How about referrals? For each referrals viewing the 30s site, they are paying an additional $0.01. So effectively, for each view, the website is paying $0.02; subtracting the $0.0191 per view, the site is making a loss of $0.0009.

There's also the premium membership @ $59 per year. With a guaranteed 20 ads per day, $0.25/pay times 365 days gives you, $91.25. Thus, if you click everyday, you will get back $32.25. A pretty low return isn't it. The amount will increase exponential if your referrals are increasing exponentially. Hmm .. can the site survive?

Probably, the site is earning from some other tie-up with alertpay. The referral program from alerypay is paying up to $10 for referrals who transacts(sending/receiving) $250 online. So probably, is waiting for their members to transact up to $250 to get the $10 referrals. Now, that would be a substantial amount that could cover the $0.0009 loss per page view.

The selling of unrefereed members could also be earning the site money. These members might or might not be surfing the ads. Thus, the risks is transfered to the buyers. If they are active members, the buyer will rejoice but if they are not. The buyers could only bang their head.

Probably, the site is surviving in the short term as since they are paying you $0.01 for 30s of your time. I think it's pretty worthwhile to sign up for it and refer to your friends.

You can sign up for it @ and let me take an extra $0.01 from the site.

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