Setting up a physical shop?

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Guess why i need to include the word "physical" in my blog title? I think you would have guessed it if you are reading this post. Yes! You are right! You and Me, we are both internet savvy and if i just said setting up a shop, you would probably be thinking of an online shop or a ebay shop or maybe an amazon shop.

Thus, i really need to include the word physical in my post! Although the internet is ever popular and online shop are sprouting our every seconds, the good old physical shop is still going strong, as we really want to feel some goods before we actually buys them. What's the most important thing in the physical shop? I would think it is the POS system. Only with this system can you sell and keep track of your stocks and finance properly.

There really isn't any need to buy new one as a Refurbished point of sale does the same job for a cheaper price. By the time you machine life is over, it's about time you upgrade to a better machine due to expansion.

Therefore, refurbished pos is really the way to go for your new business. With a lower startup cost, you can reach your break even point faster. One of the brand you should look out for is ibm surepos pos which is a better pos for your business.

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