To rent or to buy?

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Ever thought of buying or renting a DVD but ended up not watching at all? It's a very common problem. The cost of renting a DVD sometimes most of the time does not warrants a purchase of the same DVD. However, in some cases, renting the DVD might cost more than buying one.

This will happen when you rent the DVD for more than a certain number of days. Company usually charge by day and thus, the longer the rent a DVD the higher the cost of rental. If you plot a graph, you'll see that there's a point when the rental and purchase cost the same. After this point, the purchase price will be stagnant while the rental price keeps increasing by the day.

Thus, if you really want to save some money. You should only rental if you intend to only watch the DVD once. Otherwise, it will be cheaper to just buy the DVD and watch in the comfort of your own house.

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