Travel ~ Costa Rica

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View Larger MapWhat exactly is costa rica?? It's actually in the middle of Amercia. The link between North Amercia and South Amercia. The place where all the fun and nice music
are. Costa Rica resort is a very nice resort with a very nice website. The introductory music is pleasing to the ear and you wouldn't mind listening to it for the whole day. The flash design of the site is very appealing to the eyes and the clean neat layout is very desirable. There's also lots of picture for you to look at in order for you to visualize the resort in your mind.

The rates are not too expensive with the cheapest going for US$675 based on 2 person with transfer to and from tambor airstripe included. The site is alway easy to navigate around to quickly get all the required information.

I wonder when i'll have a chance to meet the locals of costa rica. Maybe the day will come soon, or maybe the day may never come.

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