Website Directory in a Niche Market

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How can you start a website directory in a niche market? I have been exploring this question for quite a while. In this world of the internet, everything under the sky can be found on the internet. being one of the most popular search engine in the internet is highly utilize but highly general.

However, the english language is a special language. A word or phrase in different context would have entirely different meanings. Thus, searching for something can be agonizing in google. In addition, some words are location bias and thus, different location entails different meaning for the same word.

Thus, i think that's a market for contextual search facilities. The result will be bias towards your desire instead of returning what google thinks is popular and thus you should be looking for it as well.

However, there's always limitation to this approach as it's very tedious to sort out the massive amount of information on the internet to view only the relevant one.

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