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If you ever tried starting your very own newsletter, you will understand how tedious it was to layout your newsletter and sending them out to your mailing list. If you forget to send, your readers will miss one episode of your newsletter. You'll also have trouble sorting our your mailing list and getting new subscribers. Now, there's a solution! www.zookoda.com offers an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers and webmaster alike. It also enables you to send emails daily, monthly and even weekly to your subscribers.

The interface at www.zookoda.com is very clean and neat with glossy glass button which is the fave nowadays. The step-by-step setup approach is very easy to follow and by just following the steps diligently, you'll be able to send out your very first newsletter in no time. The custom layout designer also enables you to design your newsletter to match your website theme. This will portrays a professional image of your website/blog.

After setting up your blog, you'll be able to create subscriptions form to place on your website/blog. Without this front line interaction with your visitors, you'll never get any signups. Thus, it's best that you place more time on creating a good form. Since the site is free, you must make full use of it to promote your site.

It's really amazing how technology have evolved. Just a few years ago, nobody would have thought that it's possible to automatically send email to a group of people. Nobdy would have thought that processors would go into multiple cores. I wonder what will computers be like in the future if we are still going at this rate of research.

Although people usually associate free stuffs as inferior stuffs, www.zookoda.com must not be mistaken as inferior goods. The services they provide, the clean and neat layout really makes you want to revisit the site.
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