When was the last time you did your online shopping??

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in this information age, the internet is all that you ever need to survive! Everything and anything can be ordered online in the comfort of your own home. If you desire, you can even work from home. You don't even have to leave your home for one step in order to live a good life. The only time you need to move out of your house is to travel the world and experience nature. But if you so desire, you can even do a virtual tour of the world with Google Earth! You can see the street level details from there.

uk.shopping.com provides a good experience for your shopping needs. You can buy stuff for your garden a new sofa or maybe a new clothes. Whatever you need to have a stay home life can be brought from the site. It's a really great experience shopping at the site as you'll be able to compare prices and read reviews of products before you actually buys them. This will ensure that you gotten the best deal at the lowest price. It really is a very nice and effective way to save money. The site is arrange very neatly and you can quickly find the right category and from them find the best products that suits your needs.

As there are several suppliers listing their products on the site. You can find the most popular supplier and guarantee that the stuff you ordered arrived correctly and exactly like what you saw on the internet.

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Another increase in Alexa Ranking!!

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Yea yea yea!!! .. This site alexa ranking have been increased to 178k. Although it's a real slow crawl nowadays ... at least it is still increasing upwards and slowly inching up the ranking ladder. Most of the traffic are still coming in form entrecard and i am very glad that i joined entrecard from the start and have a fast loading time so there are people dropping in to drop a card everyday.

The next most common traffic comes from google search engine when people found my related post and click on the link in google. Thus, writing a good post and getting people from google should be another good way to get traffic.

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Vehicle Insurance is so Important!!

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How could you drive your car without an insurance? Going at such a high speed, the risks involved are so high that you really really need to have insurance. Even if not for yourself, you have to get it in case those people you knocked down is seriously injured. Paragon Motor Club is the premier online marketer of consumer-friendly, affordable extended auto warranty, Roadside Assistance Plans, Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection, and Fleet/Commercial Division roadside protection. All vehicle related products you can find at Paragon Motor Club. It's really is a one-stop service center for all your motoring needs.

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Your house is wanted!!

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Do you have a house for sale? If you do, you must definitely carry on reading this post. This is because you can getcash for houses at www.ibuyhouses.com. Making use of their online website, you'll be able to get your house listed and available for view by the millions of traffic on the internet. There's no faster way of selling your house. In no time at all, you will receive offers for your flat.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. You'll just have to submit your details such as name, email, address, and they will get back to you with an offer. There's no obligations and thus, no risks at all. If always good to leave the professionals to do all the work for you.

Selling your house is one of the toughest job around and you will be asking yourself how to sell your house at the best price. Neither too high nor too low in order to get the highest profits. You will need the knowledge of the experts before you can do it.

So, wait no further and start selling your house @ www.ibuyhouses.com

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Slow updates once again

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Once again, the busy bug drags me down and keeps me away from my blog for one whole week. How nice would it be if i can contribute 100% to my blog. However, that usually don't happen. And of course, the numbers of readers have remain stagnant at between 15-20 everyday.

I know visitor does not always equate to $$ but with more visitor at least the chance will be higher. The only traffic for this site actually comes from entrecard indirectly. Due to several "shortcuts" to drop cards, this site have a lot of direct traffic landing on www.phostan.com This may be good but usually the crowd don't stay for more than 30 secs. So, i would need to think of how i can capture their attention in 30 seconds or less.

Thinking ... thinking ... thinking ...

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How to hold your handphone??

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With handphone being in all shape and sizes nowadays. Just how can you keep your cell phone with you as you move around? When the cell phone was cute and small, we would just carry them in our pockets. Now that some of them are huge gadgets with big screens, we definitely need Cell Phone Holsters to hold them.

With the belt clips, you'll be able to clip your phone to your belt. This will give you the professional look instead of a bulging pocket cheapskate look. This will definitely make you more desirable and cool.

The clips from cellular-blowout is available for most popular brands of cell phone and you should be able to find yours unless you are using a very unpopular cell phone. if you do, maybe it's also time for you to change to a more high tech phone.

With phones getting more advance, you'll need to show off these phones prominently as you'll want others to notice you instead of turning off by you.

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Busy busy week

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It has been a pretty hectic week and it will remain like this for another week. It's always good to be reading new stuff and looking at new ideas. I am know looking at how to improve my memory. If i have a good memory, then i'll be able to retain whatever i learnt instead of forgetting them after 1 month or two.

With a high retention rate, i'll be able to improve myself further and more efficient. Instead of spending time reading and re-reading, i can read other books and learn more stuff. The faster i can finish a book the faster i can move on to another.

We must always move ahead and learn something new everyday. If there's compound interest, why can't there be compound knowledge?

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Time to change your mail box!

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How long has it been since you last changed your mail box? Under the extreme weather conditions outside your house, i think it's time to change your mail box. I think that the mail box is the first thing that your visitor sees whenever you invite them home. Thus, if you think about it, you should get a really really good mailbox as the first impression counts.

Also, all your mails will be kept in the mailbox for at least a day and you'll only take the letters in the evening when you get back from work. Thus, you need a good mailbox in order to ensure your letters don't get wet from the rain and to make sure no one else gets into you mailbox.

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Make money with a proven concept ~ Franchise

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What is the fastest and easiest way to start your own business? Franchise is the simplest and fastest way to make money. That is if you already have some money to begin with to buy the franchise.

If you have this initial capital, running a franchise is really the best way to do a business. Everything is already written into instructions form and you'll just need to follow everything in order to get your business running. Even the supplier and renovation company are already catered for.

There are a lot of Franchise Opportunity. However, which francise should you choose to buy? To answer this question, you'll need to how detailed the manuals are. The more detailed they are, the better the quality of the business as the owner really puts in effort into his business to create a standard. With a clear standard, the francise will be very consist and the branding will be even better. Think MacDonald.

Make sure you only buy the best Franchise Opportunity instead of any other opportunity

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Happy Mother's Day

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A very happy mother's day to all mothers out there. It's amazing what a mum can do for her children. They will go hungry for their children, they will give them everything, they will take care of them, they will cloth them, they will bath them, they will cook for them; whatever you can think of, a mum will do for her children.

So, isn't it time you do something for your mum? Everyday should be mother's day! For all the hardwork put in, they never ask for anything in return. They just want their children to be happy. The least you could do is to send them flowers on this very special day to show that you appreciate them a lot. Most of us are too pampered by our mums and always take our mum for granted.

You shouldn't wait any further. Do it now and send you mum some flowers. You should visit 1800flowers.com to see all the special flowers they are selling. Now, they will be doingmothers day gift delivery for all flowers ordered from them.

This is the great opportunity to send your mum a flower especially so when you are living in another city from your mum. They will deliver the flowers to your mum. Your mum will definitely be very surprised and happy to receive your flowers.

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Is the stock market recovering?

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Today, the market went up... but is it going to stay that way? It's pretty hard to tell. With every piece of good news now, the price will go up .. but who knows when it will come down again. It's now best to keep your money is bonds or fixed deposit as you wait for the market to be more stable. The risk involved now is really high as the market can go way high .. or way low .. with no notice at all..

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Printing needs answered ~ Vista Print

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What should you do with all the large amount of print queuing up and clogging you printer? Outsourcing your printing seems to be the only answer unless you want to purchase a printer that can print anything for you in a very fast speed. I guess you won't want to use your limited cash resource into just one printer.

Let the professional do the job for you while you use your cash flow to grow your company. The quality of the professional will definitely be much better than you doing it yourself as they are doing it day in day out.

From window decals, to namecards, to greeting cards, to rubber stamp, anything that can be printed, vistaprint will have a solution for you.

Imagine you just stamping your name, and other required information using the rubber stamp versus writing every letter using your hand. Imagine the time saved that is put to better use. It would definitely be worth it to invest in a rubber stamp.

Ever find yourself in a fix as you are rushing to meet a client and waiting for your full colour presentation to be printed but everyone else is using the printer? You can now pay someone else to print for you in high quality glossy, photo prints to impress your clients.

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