What makes a great leader?

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John Maxwell defines leadership as the amount of influence; nothing more nothing less. I really believe in this view. If you are a great leader, your sphere of influence will be very huge and will encompass a lot of people whether you know them or not. Thus, in order to become a great leader, one needs to know how to influence.

There are several ways to start influencing people but let me share with you how you can influence people by being sincere and genuinely concern with the personal development and growth of all the people around you. When they realize that you truly care and will contribute to their success, they will be willing to do anything for you, knowing deep in their heart that whatever you tasked them to do is going to help them in one way or another. Continue doing that for everyone around you and soon, through the grapevine, words will go around that you care for people, you development people, and other people will start to want to work for you. That's when your influence has reached a new level.

Just think about the great leaders you look up to and you'll realize that you'll do anything for them because you just want to and getting acquainted with them is like being in the limelight itself.

Therefore, start thinking about the personal development and growth of all the people around you and you would have made the first step toward being a great leader.

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How to promote your website?

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What is the best way to promote your website you might ask? Let me share with you some of the ways you can promote your website and you can decide for yourself which is best for you.

One of the way you get visitors to your website is through listing in a search engine. When people have no idea what is available on the web, the first thing they will try is a search engine. If your website appear in the first few pages, chances are that they will visit your site to have a look. Thus, the very first step in promoting your website would be to list in a search engine. Usually you can get this as part of the webhosting package if not, you can pay someone else to do it for you. There are companies out there who will get your site listed on 100's of search engine out there. One such company is network solutions who will do website promotions for you.

Another way to promote your website would be through viral marketing with sites such as entrecard.com which offers you a 125 x 125 banner ads through its members website. You purchase the space on a daily basis using credits which can be accumulated by visiting and dropping ur cards on the members site. You can also buy credits for use.

Yet another way to promote your site is through social networking website like facebook, myspace, hi5, etc. As the membership of these site are into the millions, you can easily reach out to this many people at a comparatively low price.

If you have the $$ i think the best way is just to spend the $$ and get the experts to your promoting for you. As they are doing it day-in-day-out they are well aware of the pitfalls as well as the shortcuts to a successful campaign. Thus, do check out network solutions for a custom package that they can create just to serve your very specific needs for your unique website. You would want to stand out in this information overload in order to meet your objectives.

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ScrapBooking Online!

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As i was searching for ideas on doing a scrap book, i came across www.scrapblog.com which is quite an interesting website providing you with the tools necessary to start doing your scrap book online. The tour from the website is pretty well done and you'll be able to follow it easily.

The site allows you to upload your scrap book online once you are done with it. After you upload, other members will be able to view your scrap book and give they comments and rating on your scrap book. If you are lucky, your scrap book might even be featured on the main page.

I am not very sure if there's a private option to only show your scrap book to selected person. However i do hope it exists so that your private collections do not get leaked unknowingly. I am also not very sure how long this site has been running but looking at the number of users, i think the site will be quite successful. The integration and link with other major photo hosting site will increase its user base as well.

Once i signup for the site and get my first scrap book online, i'll do a proper review of the site. Till then, enjoy scraping!

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Radio Disney Concert Series in Wildwood New Jersey

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FREE CONCERTS FREE CONCERTS!! Read all about it!!!

Now that i have grab your attention, let me share with you this wonderful freebies available for all you disney fans out there. The upcoming Radio Disney Concert in july is what you must be looking forward to. With all the stars gathering in one place for all of you to enjoy is really a great great wonderful and cool experience.

What's more, you get to enjoy this Wildwood events for free! You heard me right! F. R. E. E. Free!!!

In order to catch this free concert, you'll probably need a place to stay. Where else other than Wildwood nj hotels? This hotel is pretty good and will suit your needs just right.

Now that you have settled your accommodation, what else can you do while you are here in New Jersey? Things to do in New Jersey includes going to all the amusement park and getting on all the exciting rides that will give you the adrenaline rush that will undo all the stress built up at work.

With all these things you can do at New Jersey, you won't want to miss this once in a life time opportunities!

Some of the dates you need to take note of are summarized below:

-July 7th, 14th and 21st - Magic Mondays - Radio Disney’s hottest musical artists will appear live on Morey’s Piers. These FREE concerts will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier. Show times are scheduled for 1 pm and 4 pm.

-The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale is scheduled for 2 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008 at the Wildwoods Convention Center Oceanfront Arena with Raven-Symone from Disney Channel’s “That’s so Raven” and the currently showing Walt Disney movie, “College Road Trip” starring Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symone. The July 26th concert will also feature Mitchell Musso from the “Hannah Montana Show”.

-July 26th Concert ticket holders may enjoy super savings at Morey’s Piers from the time of purchase through July 27, 2008. Simply show your official July 26 Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale ticket at Guest Services on Mariner’s Landing and receive $10 off an all-day waterpark ticket for either Raging Waters or Ocean Oasis, or $10 off an amusement pier wristband valid for all three of Morey’s Piers, or $15 off a one-day splash and ride combination ticket.

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A home or a house?

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Can you tell the difference between a home and a house? It may seems to be the same to you but it's actually very different. It's usually the same place and you have your home in your house. However, there are a lot of people living in a house but having no home. Think of the homeless! They may be living in a shelter but they have no body to turn to and no body to care for.

If your home and your house is in the same place, you should feel very fortunate and be very happy that you are where you are now. Harmony is really the key to a house you can call home. If there's argument every day, then you won't want to go back home. Home should be the place you want to go back to after a long day at work. A place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. A place where you feel safe and secure.

If you have not found such a place yet! Don't be discourage! As long as you keep finding, you will find the best home in your life.

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Thought of the day ~ Life is good!

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Life is as good as you think it is. Just as one man's food is another's poison. When you think you are doing well, you will be doing well and when you think you are doing badly, you are doing badly. It's all about subjectivity and how you look at things and which side of the fence you are on.

You just have to be happy on your side of the fence and life will be good for you. Plan for the future but expect changes. As the saying goes, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Always look on the bright side of life. PR comes, PR goes, just write a good post. :P Thx for the comments webomatik.

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What happen to my PR3?

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It has been a shock to see the PR3 of this site gone. I wonder how did it happen? What is the criteria this time for getting my blog out of the PR3 rank? Is it because there's nobody coming here? Or is it because the links to this site is gone? I think it's probably because other sites that used to link to me are now not linking to me any more.

I need to get myself re-linked back from those site and maybe get more people linking to me site. I need more PR3 and above site linking to me in order to get my PR back. It's going to be back to square one when this blog just started and slowly building up all the links before i can get my PR back.

I wonder if any one else is suffering from a lost PR?

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Get tough! Get Tactical

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You really need tough and strong clothes if you want to save some money. Instead of buying several shirts or pants, you can buy a tough and strong one and you can wear it for the same period of time. You can get tactical pants at www.lapolicegear.com; The tough and great material will ensure you savings in the long run.

You can also find other gears from the site. The main advantage of getting police grade stuff is that they are very durable and cost effective. Since the whole police department are using it, the manufacturer can offer them at better price. However, don't impersonate a police officer as that's not a very nice or legal thing to do.

The gears available are very comprehensive and once ordered, you can track your shipments via the website. Delivery is available throughout the whole of USA and US Territories. Shopping from the comfort of your home, you'll get your good right at your door step in 1 to 6 days depending on where you are located.

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Decrease in Alexa Ranking!

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What happen dude? Why is my alexa ranking dropping? I always thought that it will keep increasing but i am wrong. Today, this site has suffer a severe drop in ranking. I am so sad about it. Wonder what is happening now.

Are less people visiting my site or are more people visiting other website? Actually the decrease happen after i put in some amazon widget on the site. Maybe that's what causing the alexa ranking to drop. I think i'll try removing the amazon widget to see if the alexa ranking improves.

i hope to make it into the top 100,000 site. I am half way there as i am 200+ K now. It used to be 178+ K ... Got to work harder improving this site alexa ranking!

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The latest in paid blogging ~ Social Spark

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Check out the latest in paid blogging at www.socialspark.com; the site where bloggers get to comment and review the opportunities available. Blogger can even use the site to exchange post with other bloggers. They can also create opportunities for others to take.

The site is very nicely layout with beautiful icons and colours. The logo is pretty interesting as it resembles a cartoon character smiling at you warmly. The opportunities available are plentiful and one look you'll be able to tell if you qualify for the opportunities. However, due to the large amount of bloggers doing the opportunities, you'll have to wait quite a while before you are given a chance to do the opportunities.

The ability for blogger to vote for the opportunities or other bloggers add to the fun as you'll be able to see what are popular and who are popular. I see quite a lot of potential for SocialSpark as the members are increasing exponentially and they are actively commenting on the various opportunities.

As membership increases, publishers are more inclined to publish on the site and thus, leading to a very good self-fulfilling prophecy.

This post is sponsored by PayPerPost

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Clear Blue Sky

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Today, this is going to be a nonsense post just talking about the clear blue sky. Why is the sky blue? The scientific answers is that the sky absorb the rest of the colour and only reflects blue colour and thus, you see the sky as blue in colour. The less scientific answer is because god decided that the sky must be blue.

However, the sky is not always blue, sometimes it's orange in colour in the evening as the sun is setting. All these just means one thing. The question is very subjective. There's no right or wrong answer. All answers are correct and it rest upon the listen to choose what to believe.

The world is often working in the same way. Engineers always think that there's only right or wrong in the world but actually, many things does not have a definite yes or no. Depending on situation, the answer will be different. So, instead of trying to change the world into your better place, why not make accept that the world is imperfect and live your life to your fullest.

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It's the middle of the year!! Time for some print job!

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The middle of the year is the best time for you to start writing your newsletter and getting it published. After 6 months, you should have a lot of events to write about. You might even be getting ready to organise a dinner and dance for your company. You will definitely need to print stuff either for decoration or as a gifts for your employee.

While you are preparing all the guest list, you can get address stickers so that you can quickly send out mail to your guests. This way, you will save a lot of trouble writing manually all the different address. If you wrote too quickly, they post man may not be able to read your address and your mail might not reach your guest. It's always better to type it out and print it rather than writing it on your own.

Your company gifts should preferably be easily identified by your employee. What better way than to print your company logo and information on your gifts for your employee. This way, they can promote your company free for you by using your gift. For example, if you give your employee an umbrella that has your company logo, imagine how many people would be seeing your company on a raining day when your employee uses your umbrella.

The benefits are multi-fold. Thus, you really need to visit www.vistaprint.com and start printing your stuff. The earlier your start, the more people that's going to notice your company. Even your other printing needs can be fulfiled at the site.

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This blog has reached 200 Posts!!

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Wow ... this blog has successfully posted 200 posts!! I have no idea how i did it but i manage to write 200 posts. I have no idea i can write so much.. but still, i did it! .. Hurray!! Time for celebrations!!! Cheers!!

Bring out the beers!!!

Actually, writing a post is very easy, you just think of what you have done for the day and write about it. You can even write about writing nothing at all.. :) I find it pretty amazing..

For example, now i am writing because this blog has reached 200 posts. I can even write and brag about reaching every 50 additional post. But i guess that is a bit too much and irriating.. :) So 100 posts is a good figure to brag about :P

The real target i am actually looking at is 1000 posts. After that, 10,000 post.... maybe .. it will even reach 1 Million Post. Haha .. i have started to day dream.

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Find the best Car Loan easily!

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How did you manage to get by without a car? You can't go any where without a car as the distance to cover is simply too large. Car Loans are really required when you get a car. There's really no point paying cash for your car when you can use the cash to invest and get better returns than your loan.

In order to get New Car Loans, you really need to check our www.basiccarloans.com as they provide a comprehensive site full of details of car loan. No matter your credit ratings, you'll be able to get a loan for your car. No matter a big car, small car, sports car, utility car, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your needs. Once you find that special car, the car loan will make it yours.

So, why travel in a bus or taxi when you can control your own car?

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It's now the IN thing to have a UMPC with you wherever you go. All the major laptop makers are now fighting to get a market share of the UMPC after the successful launch of ASUS Eee PC. The size of the UMPC is bigger than a handphone but smaller than a laptop. Thus, the naming of Ultra Mobile!

The price of this UMPC are also very affordable and the functions you get out of it is really amazing. Take the MSI wind for example, with ample USB ports, you can connect any gadgets to your UMPC and still have ports for your mouse. As the country's WLAN networks get expanded, you'll be able to surf the net wherever you go.

Now that's truly mobile. I hope to see gadgets will higher battery life in the future. It would be best if solar powered can become feasible.

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Protect your iPhone!

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Have you brought your iPhone yet? If not, it's time for you to get one! For those who had brought yours, congratulations! You have gotten yourself the best gadget money can buy! Now how can you protect your iPhone and make it durable and brand new looking after abusing it through your daily use?

You will need iphone case to protect your iPhone. This invisible shield is scratch resistant and will not wear off due to usage. At only .2mm thick, you can hardly tell that invisibleshield is there to protect your precious iPhone.

They even back it up with a lifetime warranty! So, it's really a one time investment for your iPhone and that will pay off for the entire life time of your iPhone. At least until you get the 3G iPhone.

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Maffia New!

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The maffia new game in facebook is a really fun game. You get to play doctor, mafia, sgt, commissioner or citizen. The good guys wins if all the bad guys got killed. The bad guys wins if all the good guys are killed. Every round you'll have to find out the role of everyone before you get killed by the mafia .. It's really an interesting game. I am not very sure if it's available outside of facebook ... but if you have facebook, you should at least try this game for a while.

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