A home or a house?

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Can you tell the difference between a home and a house? It may seems to be the same to you but it's actually very different. It's usually the same place and you have your home in your house. However, there are a lot of people living in a house but having no home. Think of the homeless! They may be living in a shelter but they have no body to turn to and no body to care for.

If your home and your house is in the same place, you should feel very fortunate and be very happy that you are where you are now. Harmony is really the key to a house you can call home. If there's argument every day, then you won't want to go back home. Home should be the place you want to go back to after a long day at work. A place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. A place where you feel safe and secure.

If you have not found such a place yet! Don't be discourage! As long as you keep finding, you will find the best home in your life.

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