How to promote your website?

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What is the best way to promote your website you might ask? Let me share with you some of the ways you can promote your website and you can decide for yourself which is best for you.

One of the way you get visitors to your website is through listing in a search engine. When people have no idea what is available on the web, the first thing they will try is a search engine. If your website appear in the first few pages, chances are that they will visit your site to have a look. Thus, the very first step in promoting your website would be to list in a search engine. Usually you can get this as part of the webhosting package if not, you can pay someone else to do it for you. There are companies out there who will get your site listed on 100's of search engine out there. One such company is network solutions who will do website promotions for you.

Another way to promote your website would be through viral marketing with sites such as which offers you a 125 x 125 banner ads through its members website. You purchase the space on a daily basis using credits which can be accumulated by visiting and dropping ur cards on the members site. You can also buy credits for use.

Yet another way to promote your site is through social networking website like facebook, myspace, hi5, etc. As the membership of these site are into the millions, you can easily reach out to this many people at a comparatively low price.

If you have the $$ i think the best way is just to spend the $$ and get the experts to your promoting for you. As they are doing it day-in-day-out they are well aware of the pitfalls as well as the shortcuts to a successful campaign. Thus, do check out network solutions for a custom package that they can create just to serve your very specific needs for your unique website. You would want to stand out in this information overload in order to meet your objectives.

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